Radar technology for drones
AeroSense is a highly functional radar designed specifically for UAS detection.

New detection threats and radar tracks are established in less than 1 second. Small drones are detected and tracked at up to 850m.

It is a highly compact and lightweight design, which is perfect for mobile and rapid deployments.

On-board technology allows the AeroSense to be set up and operational in minutes, with no calibration required.

How It Works
Aerosense seamlessly integrates with other detection technologies within the GUI, enabling a highly accurate data feed to confirm drone threats.
It has been independently certified as safe for deployment in an airport environment, and has been designed to be calibration-free for fast installation and integration.
With precise tracking of airborne targets at up to 850m distance, a customizable field-of view and real beam scanning, it ensures that your security team has an optimized early warning system for any site.
Fully integrated solutions
AeroSense is designed to be fully integrated into other Drone Defence technologies, such as AeroTracker and our Solar Sentinels.

It is rapidly deployable, and provides a highly accurate solution in a variety of scenarios and environments.

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