Product Overview

What Is The Solar Sentinel ?

Solar Sentinel – Off Grid Security Solution for CCTV and Drone Detection using AeroSentry and AeroEye

The UK’s only solar powered, rapidly deployable Drone Detection and CCTV platform.

The Solar Sentinel is a fully mobile solution that can be deployed almost anywhere, giving full drone detection and video recording capabilities when they are needed most.

Solar Sentinel

How It Works

Dispensing of the need for line installation or groundworks, Solar Sentinel combines the latest camera surveillance technology with our proprietary drone detection software, AeroSentry®.

AeroSentry is a passive Radio Frequency (RF) scanning system that detects the unique RF transmissions of Commercial Off the Shelf Drones and their controllers.

Accessed via an intuitive browser-based user interface with a control centre that can be easily configured. The user-friendly web interface allows you to access key features with ease, retrieving data such the history of previous drone alerts and associated drone tracks.

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