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Enabling Drone Technology By Preventing Drone Misuse

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Why We Exist

Supporting a sustainable future where drones change the way we view, interact with and move around our world.

Everything we do is about enabling drone technology and demonstrating its potential.

However, we recognise that some people would wish to subvert drone technology for their own gain. It is our mission to protect people and organisations from the harmful use of commercial drone technology.

How Do We Do It?

To prevent drone misuse we need to understand where it is, what type of drone it is & who is flying it.  Then we can decide how best to respond.

Drone Detection
Drone Detection

Drone Early Warning Systems to Prompt Operational Response

Real-Time Tracking
Real-Time Tracking

Real Time, Wide Area and 3 Dimensional Drone Tracking Capabilities

Aircraft Identification
Aircraft Identification

Drone Characteristics & Signature Analysis to Determine Friend or Foe

Defeat the Device
Defeat the Device

Drone Jamming and Physical Capture to Neutralise the Drone

Anti-Drone Systems and Services

Protecting Critical National Infrastructure, Public Attractions & Events

Providing Complete Lower Airspace Awareness

Securing Corporate and Government Buildings From Malicious Drone Use

What Do We Protect?

We use the latest C-UAS technology to defeat drones for a wide range of organisations and industries.  These include:

Protecting Privacy at Sea

With a more aggressive media the paparazzi are looking for new ways to gain an edge.  Stories of photographers hiding in bushes with long lenses are far too common, now they can fly a drone over a wall or close to a yacht to violate privacy.  Our AeroSentry Marine System can deliver peace of mind to the owner and their guests.

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Omni-Directional Drone Jamming

Where sensitive buildings need to be protected from unwanted drones our AeroDome omni-directional drone jamming device can provide protection.  This system will prevent an operator controlled drone from approaching the building.  AeroDome can be fully integrated into the Security Management System.

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Precision C-UAS Capability

When you need you counter drone capability to be precise to ensure that you do not affect any other electronic devices then our award winning SkyFence system is the only solution.  The system projects an ‘electronic wall’ which extends above the permitter fence to prevent operator controlled drone from flying through it.

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C-UAS on the Move

Often people need a C-UAS capability while they are on the move or are in a place for a short period of time.  Our E1000MP, portable drone jamming system can provide this cover.  We believe that our proprietary E1000MP system is the most versatile piece of C-UAS technology currently available.

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Radio Frequency Drone Detection

AeroSentry® stand-alone, integrated radio frequency based drone detection & Drone Detection as a Service (DSaaS)

Proximity Drone Detection

AeroSentry® DND360 provides a drone/no drone proximity drone detection capability.  Depending on the the operational environment the system can detect the presence of a drone’s RF signature up to 5km away.  This information can then be used to alert security operatives or automatically activate a drone jamming system.

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Direction Range and Bearing

AeroSentry® DRB1000 uses advanced RF signal processing techniques to determine the bearing of the drone and approximate range.  from a single location the AeroSentry™ sensor can deliver a general direction of the incoming drone so security officers know where the potential threat is coming from.  This allows for a more comprehensive operational response.

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Drone Detection Subscription

Our DSaaS solution provides drone detection, identification and tracking capabilities to a range of customers.  We deploy and maintain a network of sensors across an area and our customers gain access to a secure, bespoke and intuitive online account where they can monitor drone activity near them.

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Our Products and Services

We provide flexible & cost effective solutions and services.  From early warning to a multi-layered defensive approach our solutions are field tested and market leading.

NetGun X1

When meters matter the NetGun provides the last line of defence solution to physically capture the drone and bring it to the ground.  By ensnaring the propellors of the drone the NetGun prevents the drone from flying.  Low cost and simple to use the NetGun empowers security operatives to take action.

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Paladyne® E1000MP

Almost all commercial drones rely on radio signals and GPS to be able to fly.  So by disrupting these frequencies you can effectively prevent a drone from flying near you.  The E1000MP delivers a full range of drone jamming capabilities in a highly versatile package meaning that you can ensure you are protected on the move or in a vehicle.

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The AeroDemo™ system delivers our tried and tested drone jamming capability in a hardened IP67 case for permanent installation onto a building.  Like all omni-directional jammers the AeroDome™ could cause some interference to other devices, we have addressed this issue by attempting to use as low power as possible to defeat the drone.

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When you need precision drone protection the SkyFence™ is the answer.  Placing our SkyFence™ transmitters around the perimeter of your site you can create an electronic wall an operator-controlled drone can not fly through.  Due to the precise nature of SkyFence™ we ensure that no other electronic devices are affected.

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