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Enabling Drone Technology By Preventing Drone Misuse

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Our Story

We believe that drone technology is going to change the way we view, interact with and eventually move around the world.

Everything we do is about enabling drone technology and demonstrating its potential.

However, we recognise that some people would wish to subvert drone technology for their own gain. It is our mission to protect people and organisations from the harmful use of commercial drone technology.

How Do We Do It?

To prevent drone misuse we need to understand where it is, what type of drone it is & who is flying it.  Then we can decide how best to respond.

Drone Detection
Drone Detection

Drone Early Warning Systems to Prompt Operational Response

Real-Time Tracking
Real-Time Tracking

Real Time, Wide Area and 3 Dimensional Drone Tracking Capabilities

Aircraft Identification
Aircraft Identification

Drone Characteristics & Signature Analysis to Determine Friend or Foe

Defeat the Device
Defeat the Device

Drone Jamming and Physical Capture to Neutralise the Drone

Anti-Drone Systems and Services

Protecting Critical National Infrastructure, Public Attractions & Events

Providing Complete Lower Airspace Awareness

Securing Corporate and Government Buildings From Malicious Drone Use

What Do We Do?

We use the latest technology and techniques to find and defeat unwanted or illegal drones.

Drone Defence Equipment & Solutions

Drone Defence can offer a range of anti-drone jamming technologies to defeat the device when it becomes a threat.  For a fixed installation we have SkyFence which can be integrated into existing security systems.  For mobile protection, we have the Dynpois E1000MP drone jammer and when the drone absolutely has to be defeated we have our short-range NetGun X1.

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Drone Sensing as a Solution and a Service

Drone Defence can offer a wide range of sensing technologies to detect, track and identify drones operating in your airspace.  Using the latest Radio Frequency (RF) scanning technology we can deliver real-time situational awareness and the ability to respond emerging threats.

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