We Enable Drone Technology


We believe that drone technology is going to change the way we view, interact and move around the world.

Everything we do is about enabling drone technology and demonstrating its potential.

Drone Defence recognises that some people would wish to subvert drone technology for their own gain. It is our mission to protect people and organisations from the harmful use of commercial drone technology.


Annual Security Market


Super Yachts over £10m


Prisons Worldwide


Airports with 50m+ Passengers


Billionaires Worldwide


Stadiums Seating 60k+

Why We Exist

Without drone security like our Drone Defence solutions, the Authorities will come under increasing pressure to restrict the use of drones which will damage, if not destroy, the fledgeling industry.

We are here to offer a viable and efficient alternative to restrictive legislation.


Are services like yours damaging the drone industry?

We would argue that drone security solutions are an essential part of the maturing and development of the fledgeling drone industry. Given their versatility drones will be used by people wishing to do harm so having an effective counter drone solution is essential for organisations who have a legitimate reason to protect their airspace. Without drone security solutions the CAA will come under increasing pressure to restrict the use of drones which will damage if not destroy the industry. Drone Defence provides a viable alternative and supports the responsible use of drones.

Do your systems work on every drone?

We make our best endeavours to ensure that our systems cover most commercial drones on the market today. However, we cannot guarantee the complete coverage. Like hacking a computer or picking a lock there will always be someone who can build a specialist drone which can overcome all counter drone solutions. Our systems have been specifically designed to cover most commercial drones, like DJI and 3DR. We can jam their control frequencies (2.4GHz) and many video frequencies (5.8Ghz). As new drone technology develops we review our countermeasure devices meaning that our customers always have the latest technology.

I thought signal jamming in the UK was banned?

Under Section 8 of the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 it is unlawful to install or use wireless telegraphy apparatus except under a license or were subject to a specific exemption. s. 8 (1) says “A person commits an offence if he uses apparatus for the purpose of interfering with wireless telegraphy”. However, the Police Act 1997, Intelligence Services Act 1994 and the Prisons (Interference with Wireless Telegraphy) Act 2012 makes provision for the use by law enforcement agencies of apparatus that may cause interference.


Will the drone fall out of the sky and hit someone?

At Drone Defence we think that this is extremely dangerous unless you can control the ground underneath the drone. That is why we have developed a drone jamming solution. When the drone is captured by our system’s electronic net it activates ‘return to home’ or lands under control immediately. This means we can choose where to interdict the drone to pose little or no threat to the general public.