Product Overview

What Is AeroPing®?

AeroPing is real-time drone transponder and electronic ID device which gives  the exact positions of drones in their airspace to increase air safety.

Airports, commercial drone operators, police forces, emergency responders and many more drone operators currently face challenges when needing to fly in restricted airspace, or beyond visual line of sight.

AeroPing removes these challenges, giving exact positions of drones in real time in order to prioritise air safety and increase accountability.

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How It Works

The small, 40g device easily attaches to drones, transmitting the drone’s position and altitude every second over the GSM network.

The drone’s position is shown on our AeroTracker interface or any other system which is capable of receiving ADS-B format data.

AeroPing gives complete situational awareness.

Why use AeroPing?

There is an increased need for a real-time drone transponder and e-Identification to increase airspace safety, and enable a the future where drones can share the skies with each other and un-manned aviation.

Recognising this need, the UK Science and Technology committee recently recommended that all drones, including existing ones, should be electronically conspicuous within two years. Draft legislation has already been produced to make it law for drones to have a transponder.- AeroPing is the answer.

AeroPing has many real world uses for drone operators, including:

•  Increasing airspace safety by improving awareness
• Automatic flight log recording for pilots.
•  Increase accountability.
•  The potential to reduce insurance premiums.
•  Support insurance claims with an independent source of data.
• – Unlock restricted airspace.
•  Enable operations alongside manned aviation.
•  Aid in drone fleet management.
• Track assets in real-time.
• Act as a defence if accused of breaking drone regulations.

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