AeroSentry Marine
Protection for superyachts
AeroSentry Marine is a maritime version of our proven land-based drone defence technology. The system detects and mitigates the threat posed by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).
When full integrated into the vessel’s security system, AeroSentry Marine can provide complete protection from 99% of commercial drones.
How It Works
Using passive radio frequency technology AeroSentry Marine uses advance machine learning to detect drones and their controllers up to 2km away.
Drone Defence products are the must-have security enhancement for superyacht owners. With the proliferation of drone technology, owners, crew and operators are reporting increasing numbers of drone incidents.
The best time to consider AeroSentry Marine is during system specification on new-build or prior to a refit. Early engagement is ideal to ensure smooth and cost- effective delivery of the system.
AeroSentry Marine One

AeroSentry Marine One is the most advanced drone detection system available on the commercial market.  It combines passive background scanning radio frequency technology with real-time signal analysis meaning that the system can identify and track (range, altitude and bearing).

It all operator controlled common drones using 2.4 and 5.8 GHz typically used by irresponsible drone users and paparazzi to invade privacy.  

It is easily installed on any vessel.

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