Drone Defence prvide bespoke anti drone and UAV countermeasure services to organsiations across the UK.  From drones smuggling drugs into prisons to protecting VIPs we can help.
Fixed drone countermeasures
SkyFence is an electronic countermeasures system which prevents drones from flying into or close to a protected location by disrupting its command and navigation radio transmissions; in any weather, day or night. It can be configured horizontally or vertically depending on the operational requirements.
How It Works
SkyFence uses multiple low-powered radio transmitters which are strategically placed around the protected site. When activated, they transmit a signal which is designed to overwhelm the drone’s radio transmissions. This breaks the control and video link between the drone and its operator. SkyFence is fully programmable and can be activated via a suite of sensors or human input.
It can be installed along an existing perimeter fence and creates an electronic ‘wall’ which extends into the sky. An operator controlled drone is unable to fly through this wall.
It eliminates any impact on other electronic devices and only affects the drone in the sky, meaning it is safe to use at airports, prisons, and all other locations.
SkyFence can be deployed alongside an automatic detection system like our AeroSentry or it can be manually activated by security staff. Users have the option of upgrading existing drone detection technology with SkyFence or purchasing a complete system from us. The system is scalable meaning that it can be deployed along almost any fence line.
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Case Study

SkyFence’s most prominent deployment is in Guernsey Prison where Skyfence has been deployed to produce an active ‘no fly zone’ over the prison estate. Inside the prison, a drone detection device is used to automatically activate SkyFence when a drone is near. While the system is active, the drone is unable to fly in the prison’s airspace.

SkyFence is used alongside legislation which makes it illegal to fly above or near the prison. The States of Guernsey have also amended legislation to allow for signal interference of the drone.

“SkyFence has undergone full maintenance and testing procedures and passed in all areas.”

“The system was subject to local independent penetration testing and in addition the prison has also undertaken independent testing of the system without the contractor on site.”

“After extensive drone flights covering all fence areas at various distances, no drone was able to cross the fence, and the system operated as expected on each occasion.”

Dave Matthews – Governer of Guernsey Prison

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