Optical drone detection

AeroEye is a unique and class leading AI powered video analytics technology to accurately detect, track, and identify drones at ranges of over a kilometre.

It uses high definition fixed focal-length area scan PTZ cameras, to monitor an area and detect the presence of UAV’s and other aircraft.

The AeroEye system is compatible with an ONVIF camera.

The high definition sensors enable AeroEye to detect, track and identify drones often before they are visible to the naked eye.

How It Works

Highly sensitive cameras are clustered into IP67- certified units.

When a potential drone has been detected, the powerful camera zooms in on the object and auto-tracks its movements and trajectory.

AeroEye can track multiple drones at the same time, in a full 360 degree radius. Images and the identity of the detected object are recorded automatically, providing full analysis of the identified and classified aircraft, for use as evidence in prosecutions if necessary.

AeroEye is able to rapidly recognise numerous types and models of drones by their visual signature, including drones from all major drone manufacturers.


Powerful AI technology

AeroEye’s AI technology provides detection of multiple UAVs, tracked simultaneously. It has long range detection distances, with detection, tracking and classification accuracy. The system is also able to detect, track and classify commercial aircraft, light aircraft and helicopters.

It can be fully integrated with other Drone Defence technologies such as AeroTracker and AeroSense.

It can provide full, visual evidence of illegal drone flights that can be used in a court of law, and is rapidly deployable using our Solar Sentinels.

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