Delivery Drones could Save 1 Billion Road Miles Per Annum in the UK

Over 3.5 billion parcels are delivered every year in the UK. Many of these shipments would be suitable for shipment by delivery drones as they are small and under 2kg.

The parcel market is currently worth £12bn per annum, so there is a clearly a significant opportunity for deliveries to be made by drone now the technology has advanced to a point where it is viable.

After the recent news that Amazon have won approval to trial parcel delivery by drone, we crunched some numbers to see just how positive an environmental impact this could have.

It’s worth noting that these figures are based upon some calculated assumptions, as official research simply doesn’t yet exist. However, if 50% (we know, it’s a big percentage – but a figure we feel is viable) of parcels were delivered by drones, then logistics companies could save billions and have a hugely positive impact on the environment.

Here’s some key findings, using the  ‘50%’ drone delivery figure:

  • 315,000 drones would be required
  • 1 billion road miles would be saved each year
  • There would be 53,000 fewer delivery vehicles on the road
  • A 250,000 Tonne reduction in CO2 emissions

If you increased the percentage of parcels delivered by drone further, it could make the transport of light goods virtually zero-cost and carbon neutral, especially if they are powered by renewable energy and controlled by artificial intelligence.

We also ran the numbers on the potential noise impact delivery drones would have, as this is often cited as a concern when it comes to deliveries by drone.

At 50% of parcel drone delivery by drone, only three parcels would be delivered per hour within a distance an average person could actually hear and see the drone. Of course, this varies on an individual basis dependent on location, but then so too does the amount of delivery vans passing by each day.

We are currently undertaking more in-depth analysis. However, our initial findings confirm that the potential positive environmental impacts due to parcel deliveries being made by drone could be substantial.

We have dedicated years of research, development and innovation to making the drone industry become as progressive and useful as possible by providing control in an otherwise slowly regulated industry.

Drone technology is exciting, and informing of the positive effects of drone technology is key to winning public approval.

Please contact us for a more in-depth report on how we arrived at these figures.

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