Delivery Drones could Save 1 Billion Road Miles Per Annum in the UK

Over 3.5 billion parcels are delivered every year in the UK, many of these shipments would be suitable for drone delivery as they are small and under 2kg.

The parcel market is currently worth £12bn per annum so there is a significant opportunity for drone deliveries.

We have crunched some numbers, made some assumptions and have found that if 50% (I know, it’s a big percentage) of parcels are delivered by drone then logistics companies could save billions and have a huge positive impact on the environment.

Some other headlines for 50% drone delivery:

  • 315,000 drones would be required
  • 1 billion road miles would be saved
  • 53,000 fewer delivery vehicles on the road
  • 250,000 Tonne reduction in CO2 emissions

Drones could make the transport of goods virtually no-cost and carbon neutral, especially if they are powered by renewable energy and controlled by AI.

We even crunched the numbers on the potential noise impact delivery drones would have.

At 50% drone deliveries only 3 parcels would be delivered per hour within a distance a normal person could actually hear and see the drone.

Please contact us if you want to know more about our assumptions and how we arrived at these numbers.