UK to Produce Legislation to Regulate Drone Use with a Drone Bill in 2018

To address concerns about illegal drone use the UK is looking to introduce new powers and regulation to allow police to ground drones.  Drone users will also be required to register their devices and sit a test.

The details of the powers police will be given are yet to be released but there is speculation that they will be allowed to order drone operators to land their aircraft and seize them to preserve evidence.  Drone users may have to use mobile apps to increase accountability and there are rumours that electronic mitigation systems will be authorised in certain situations.

Drones over 250g will have to be registered and their users will be required to conduct some sort of test.  Details have not been released about the registration process or the testing regime as this could be complex and questions remain about who is going to pay for it.

On balance, it is good to see that the UK is addressing drone regulation and developing frameworks to allow for responsible drone use.  In the same week that Goldman Sachs release a market report on the future potential of drone tech the UK is seeking to provide an environment for UK businesses to exploit the enormous commercial potential on offer.

If the Drone Bill includes a provision for drone jamming technology then this will allow prisons and other organisations to deploy SkyFence to protect their sites.  The security services will be permitted to use our Dynopis E1000MP portable drone jammer and our Drone Guardians will be permitted to provide temporary drone defence for festivals and events.

The announcement from the UK Government can be found at the following link:


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