UK National Landmarks are being swarmed by illegal drones.

Drone Defence can help protect tourist attractions from unwanted drones

A quick search on Google will bring up plenty of videos of illegal drones being flown around UK national landmarks and tourist attractions.

Attractions like Stonehenge have a huge draw for would-be drone videographers but little do they know they could be risking injuries or worse to other air users and visitors on the ground.

Once source, a member of the UK’s leading drone association ARPAS, said that English Heritage, who are responsible for Stonehenge, had more than one drone incident per day and were now spending a significant amount of time and resource trying to prevent drone flights.

Responsible drone operators will know that there are plenty of resources online to help them understand if it is safe to fly but without the ability to effectively enforce a ‘No Drone Zone’ people will continue to ignore the rules.

Using Stonehenge as an example, the site is on the edge of Salisbury Plain, a UK military training ground, which often has low flying aircraft, the area around the site has many areas of special scientific interest which are protected and more than 1.3 million people visit the monument each year. The use of unauthorised drones,without the correct safety measures, is extremely dangerous.

At Drone Defence we have innovative technology to help sites prevent unwanted or illegal drone flights. We do this harmlessly by disrupting the drone’s control channel so we can prevent it from ever entering the controlled airspace. Our systems activate the drone’s ‘fail safe’ system meaning it will simply return to its take-off location and land. The on-site security can then follow the drone back to its operator and give them the necessary education on safe drone flying.

If we can be of assistance then please get in touch.

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