The Threats Posed By Commercial Drones in the Wrong Hands

Are drones the latest weapon in the criminals’ tool bag?

Drones can be called life-enhancing solution for fast deliveries and other military operations. In addition, they can also be termed as flying bombs or weapons of mass destruction (hello from the other side!). If you are a soldier or Call of Duty fanatic; I assume you surely know that getting too close to the target in a combat sometimes result in becoming a target. The dawn of armed drones or UAVs is entirely revolutionizing warfare, combat and other military operations. These drones enable a military operator to simply view (high-resolution cameras installed on drones), evaluate (with the help of real-time video) and execute (utilizing the weapons incorporated in the drone) the target from kilometers away. These defense-bettering features of an armed drone sound really great and forceful when you are on the side of that military operator, but what happens when the target is sending the drone to you or to the military operator? Damage, lots of damage and loss of lives. However, reports suggest that these brilliant inventions have gotten into the wrong hands already, and they will be used against us. It’s just a matter of time. [ Newsweek.com , 2016] Terrorist drone attacks are not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ .

Our Privacy and Security: Totally Compromised

Drones can easily look into our homes through the windows or backyards. The can see us, hear us and record us at any given time regardless of place. Some drones are fully capable of monitoring the Wi-Fi signal in our devices and manipulating our phones. Utilizing a drone, one can easily intercept phone calls and can track motion of all vehicles in the city (yes, all.) In future, these drones will also become capable of controlling our car just by aerially surveying over it on the road. [ The Wall Street Journal , 2015] A 2.8-pound drone crashed on the White House grounds before the Secret Service identified it, it was later reported that the drone was not a threat.

Nothing is in our control and none of our space is safe including our homes, cars, classrooms, and cellular devices. [ Marine Corps Times , 2016] The ISIS is building its own drone fleet by expanding the reach and sophistication of the previous versions. There are so many evidences and reports claiming that the terrorists are using drones and even making drones according to their requirements. And we all know about the requirements of terrorists i.e. destruction and damage to our families and homes.

The Direct Threat to National Security

The threat is not new and it’s not going anywhere. And considering the advent of artificial intelligence-powered drones, military defense on borders sound like a thing of the past because now there are more places for military to defend such as air and free space. Hezbollah , the international terrorist group, is reported ( pdf ) to regularly send low flying drones in Israeli airspace in order to get information and other terroristic reasons. These terrorists are already breaching into our military bases by using consumer drones. Who knows how and when are they planning to use these revolutionary sophisticated devices to carry out terrorist attacks in U.S. or Europe? Nobody. [Special report ( pdf ) by Armament Research Services (ARES) ] The Islamic state, for example, has used COTS small UAVs to effect BDA operations, filming a convoy of oil tankers and transport trucks targeted by Russian airstrikes in December 2015. Still think we are safe? Think again.

Drone Security and Detection

As the enemy is getting stronger, we are also strengthening our defenses. But just like always, the bad guys are a step backward in the long-term. The terrorists are still learning to develop the drones which our geniuses developed years ago and today, those drones are being used by our kids. Presently, our drone scientists are more involved in creating drone detection sensors to strengthen the security and defense from enemy-made drones. In a year or two, they might be able to breach into our homes and military bases completely, but when that time comes, our homes will be guarded by great counter drones powered by remarkable drone technology to protect us from the evil techniques of the terrorists.

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