18 November 2022




Drones or Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (SUAVs) have opened a world of possibilities for photographers and videographers who can now capture unbelievable images which would have previously required a helicopter. But the proliferation of the drone technology poses a series of risks to individuals, businesses and Government institutions.

In the UK alone the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) reports that drone incursions into prisons have increased from four in 2014 to nine so far this year, and these are the ones they know about. The premium value on narcotics in prisons drive demand but it is not that much of a leap of faith to see a drone deposit weapons or other contraband.

In France there have been a series on drone incursions into the airspace around nuclear facilities. The potential for environmental, anti nuclear or other activist organisations to use drones to gather information or attempt to damage infrastructure is great. Imagine the risk to business and loss of earnings if an activist group were to use a drone to attack an oil refinery in the UK or overseas.

There is a clear risk to business with drone being used to steal IP, damage infrastructure or gather sensitive data about your business operations.

However, The greatest fear is what happens if a terrorist organisation uses drone technology to attack a major public event. Explosives or CBRN payload delivered at a major sporting event would have a devastating effect. With the world watching imagine the effect of a multiple terrorist drone attack on the start of the London Marathon.

These risks are unacceptable and require treating.


There are a number of commercially available prevention solutions but in our opinion they are all flawed in some respect. Some offer to detect drone but when you check they only work out to 80-100m. If a drone were travelling at 20m/s this would give you only four seconds warning, is that long enough to react?

Other systems purport to use expensive radar and laser systems to shoot drones down. We would argue that in 99% of situations this is simply not practical. Imagine the consequences if you were to shoot a drone down and it caused a serious injury or fatality to an innocent bystander.

Until there are more robust defences systems security managers need to develop procedures to react to the incursion not waste time and money attempting to prevent them.


We are experts in the operation of the commercially available drone technology. We intimately understand its capabilities and limitations allowing us to give you expert advice on how to counter and react to unwanted drone incursions.

Our staff are ex-military or police and have over 50 years combined experience in the sector. We can offer expert advice, test your procedures and assist you in developing a robust security strategy.

Using our fleet of multi-rotor and fixed wing drones we can test your defences, conduct penetration drills and take part in security exercises. We also have the ability to capture video of your response to the incursion which will be invaluable in the After Action Review.

To find out more about Drone Defence products or services, feel free to get in touch info@dronedefence.co.uk

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