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Super-yachts – Is Your Security and Privacy Compromised?

The Super-Yacht experience is enjoyed by more and more people now. It has also become straightforward for people to invest in a cruise of luxury and having everything done for them.

Privacy is a big part of super-yachts for many reasons. There may well be a high profile celebrity on board the yacht or someone who’s the target of paparazzi. The lengths people will go to to get that scandalous shot are pretty extreme. However, there are also other security-based considerations. The age-old talk of pirates, a genuine threat in some parts of the world, and also other kinds of dangers mean there’s a real sense of awareness. However, is your privacy and security being compromised in more than one way?

Super-yachts: What Security And Privacy Issues Are Present?

To begin with, we must understand what issues are present when considering the super-yacht. It seems like when you’re out on the open seas, there are very few relevant issues. However, this is a regard in which you would be wrong.

When the ship itself is close to the mainland or docked for the night, there is any number of concerns present. One of the most current and underestimated threats which you have to contend with from a security and privacy perspective would definitely have to be drones.  

Super-yachts and Drones – What They Can Do 

A drone can actually do more damage to you than you might initially have considered. Imagine a small device which is supposed to be harmless, flitting around the super-yacht taking photos and videos. Or perhaps they’re about to perform a much more illegal and harmful act to someone. If a drone was specially modified to carry a package onto a yacht, deposit it and then leave again, the implications of what could be achieved are very concerning.

Super-yachts: How Can You Protect Yourself?

Of course, the question on the mind of many is a simple one. How do I protect myself from these kinds of threats? Thankfully, there are a few different things which can be done to make sure that you are protecting your ship, it’s crew and yourself from harm. For example, the Dynopis E1000 mobile system jammer has been designed to cut off the signals to any drone which happens to stray into the immediate space around the boat. This will put a stop to almost every drone forcing it to return to home or drift in the wind. Similarly, the AeroDome can generate a protective bubble up to 500m and is an integrated system. As a last line of defence, you can use the Net Gun X1, which has been designed to shoot down drones in a net at close range, which will again remove the problem for you.

Overall, the super-yacht is something which needs to be protected and carefully monitored. We all need to take the time to try and look for ways in which we can defend ourselves when we’re trying to enjoy a relaxed time out on the water. Drones are a constant threat when in the wrong hands which need to be addressed, and this is clear to even the most unaware of observers. Their scope to cause mayhem is very significant, and they need to be dealt with sooner rather than later.


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