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Super-yachts – Getting Ready For The New Season

With the new season for super-yachts approaching, a lot of companies will be making the preparations for the new year and trying to make the most of the weather. However, there’s also going to be security issues as the game has changed in recent times. We’re going to be taking a look at the security as a whole and reviewing how it has changed and what else needs to happen, to try and help you to be ready. 

Super-yachts: So, What Security Issues Are Being Faced?

Ok, so let’s take a look at the kind of security issues which are being faced by super-yachts from drones daily. At it stood at the end of the last season, the problems that drones brought to the table were obvious – invasions of privacy, disruption of lives, collecting personal information. It was a long list of crimes, and for the most part, there weren’t masses of security organisations set up to deal with these problems. 

Let’s get one thing clear; this wasn’t the fault of anyone in particular. The problem was that a lot of security companies didn’t know or plan for the issues that were presented. They hadn’t got the knowledge about drones because the challenges they did present were not well publicised or exposed. People didn’t know about the difficulties posed by a drone because they hadn’t caused any significant problems as of yet. 

Super-yachts: What Changed?

The last six months have, however, changed everything. There’s now been well documented and collected incidents of drones which have altered the way that we look at them. This growth has allowed for the documentation of drones – their methods and behaviours have been recorded and examined in detail. We know more now than we ever did prior, and this has allowed security companies to begin to understand how they can start to build a defence against these machines. 

We’ve been working hard as well, and it means we’ve been able to provide you with an ever-increasing range of services, all of which are devoted to protecting the interests of the people on board the yachts themselves. 

Whether it’s the Net Gun X1 to shoot down drones which have come too close to the boat itself, or Paladyne E1000MP, which is a portable drone jammer that can be deployed to stop drones from getting anywhere near the boat, we’ve got a solution. 

Overall, there’s a lot of measures that need to be taken for people to be ready for the season of the superyacht. It’s such an essential part of any security measure, and you need to make sure that you’re prepared for the everyday challenges which might arise. Owning a superyacht is an excellent way for people to relax, spend time in the sun and enjoy life on the open sea, but when you’re a celebrity, it can be challenging to stay out of the public limelight. Security companies everywhere will need to make sure that they are prepared for the ever-growing challenge posed by drones. 

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