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Starlyng Sky Security launches into North America market, in partnership between Drone Defence and Scientel Solutions

Drone detection and security markets continue to grow worldwide at a rapid rate. As a result, we have partnered with leading US-based technology integrators, Scientel Solutions, to create Starlyng Sky Security.

We have teamed up with Scientel Solutions to create Starlyng Sky Security

We are committed to enabling drone technology and demonstrating its potential, whilst supporting a sustainable future where drones change the way we view, interact with and move around our world.

However, for drones to unlock their full capabilities, solutions need to be implemented to integrate drones into our skies, whilst neutralising security risks.

The creation of Starlyng Sky Security will ensure that a range of short-term, permanent, hybrid & mobile solutions are readily available for consumers across the Americas. This includes solutions for both commercial and governmental applications including prisons, critical and commercial infrastructures, airports, stadiums and large-scale events, as well as protection for key agricultural assets.

Starlyng Sky Security will be now the sole distributor for North, South & Central America of our proprietary UAV security technology. The global UAV market is estimated to be worth $43.1 billion by 2024, with the development of the North, Central and South American markets being key.

Our counter UAV technology will now be available across the Americas

Richard Gill, our CEO & Founder, said:

“It is our mission to protect people and organizations from the harmful use of commercial drone technology. Our partnership with Starlyng Sky Security will ensure that companies across North, South and Central America are protected from the threat of illicit drone use.”

 “The drone industry is set to become extremely valuable to the US economy, but in order to achieve this potential, security issues need to be addressed and illegal drone use neutralized. Working together with Starlyng Sky Security, we can protect the people and places that need it most, and facilitate a future in which drones safely use the skies.”

We have expanded rapidly over the last five years

Nelson Santos, Founder & CEO of Scientel Solutions, said:

“Scientel Solutions is excited to extend our business into the drone defense industry and offer counter-drone solutions that will protect people, organizations and infrastructure from potential threats caused by the use of commercial drones,” said Nelson Santos, Founder & CEO of both Scientel Solutions and Starlyng Sky Security.”

Santos continued, “Starlyng Sky Security is proud to welcome Scientel Solutions as the 1st integrator of Starlyng Sky Security products and solutions. As unwanted drone surveillance and interference has become a rising issue for municipalities, outdoor venues, stadiums and enterprise businesses, we look forward to supporting clients throughout the Americas in protecting their most valued assets.

“Over the next 5 years we can expect our partnership to extend throughout the world, ensuring that potential drone threats are no longer a concern for any organization.”

Visit the Starlyng Sky Securty website at for more information.