Protecting Property, Super Yachts, Homes, Estates from Unwanted Drones



Drone Defence regularly receives reports of drones being used by criminals and paparazzi to scope out and take pictures of boats, private estates, and large houses. We consider this use of drone technology to be of growing concern to the privacy and safety of those affected.

The threats posed using drones in this way could be far reaching, from an immediate invasion of privacy, to professional criminal gangs conducting surveillance for future break-ins or kidnappings.

Although the criminal threat is real, the more likely drone risk currently comes from photographers or neighbours wishing to capture images or video of you in situations you would wish to keep private. Parties and family events are very tempting targets for inquisitive drone users.

Drone sales are increasing worldwide, with the market set to be worth over $12bn by 2025. As their popularity grows the threats posed by the technology will increase too.

To help combat the threat we can offer a number of solutions. This can range from our AeroGuards service that can be deployed to provide temporary short term Drone Defence for events/parties etc, to products such as our Paladyne E1000MP which offers portable protection when required to cover buildings, vehicles and vessels. Permanent systems are also available to provide complete perimeter protection such as SkyFence.

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Drone Detection

To give early warning and time to send out an alert

Drone Tracking

To understand if the drone is flying into your airspace

Drone Identification

To give you the info you need to respond in time

Drone Defeat

To defeat the drone at range before it is a threat