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Security Firms – Their Growing Need for Drone Defences

Security firms provide a valuable service to many people, protecting venues, individuals and events from the risk of harm. Because of the world we live in, there’s an ever-changing dynamic in providing security against the latest threats. 

Security firms all across the U.K., and indeed the world, will eventually have to consider their response to these new threats, and the latest threat in particular – that of the misuse of drones. We’ve decided to conduct a risk assessment, and attempt to look into the areas where it’ll be important for people to factor the presence of a drone into their security planning and services offer.

Security Firms: So, What Needs Protecting?

There are quite a few areas of security which need to have an anti-drone measure in place. While we at Drone Defence have no negative feelings towards the industry at large, we recognise the potential for misuse and feel that it needs addressing.

First and foremost will be the protection of people from harm. Whether it’s a public event or a conference of political figures, there’s a need to make sure that the risk of injury is as low as possible. Drones represent a current and severe gap in the security of many locations, as they could easily fly overhead and deliver drugs, or worse drop an explosive device into an area. When drones flew near airports a few months ago in the U.K., they shut down the whole of Gatwick airport for at least two days. This critically impacted on the airport and airlines to the tune of an estimated £37m. If that doesn’t make a security firm stop and think, not a lot will! 

Of course, there are other drone associated risks which you need to consider. Invasion of privacy remains a critical risk when dealing with high profile individuals, and protecting vital knowledge from theft is paramount. The invasion of privacy which is presented by drones is troubling. Not only are people at risk of having their private activities and lives exposed, but corporations and organisations risk having their internal affairs exposed to the world. Of course, you can also presume that expensive items need to be free from theft also, and so the threat of surveillance operations from criminal gangs needs to be managed.

Finally, you’ve also got the risk to assets from damage. That’s something many people don’t want to have to try and deal with, but the threat of drones is one which won’t just go away. There’s going to be a lot of changes being made in many different industries to cope with the surge in their popularity, and so as a business you’ll need to make sure that you do the same. 

Security Firms: How Will You Respond?

What’s almost as important when looking at these threats is how you will respond as a security firm. After all, your customers and clients look to you for guidance and security during times of crisis. When there’s an event that needs protecting or an individual who wants their privacy ensured, you’ll find yourself wondering how you deal with drones. 

What’s common and pretty unfortunate is that most companies don’t have measures in place to mitigate the risks associated with drones. Because the technology was for the most part either military tech or commercially in its infancy, the number of crimes committed by drones was so low that it wasn’t even a consideration for most firms. Ultimately, this attitude has needed a revision in recent time, as drones have shown that they do have the potential to be a grave threat to the normal running of public places, as well as the disruption of private events and the daily lives of many. 

Security Firms: So, What Can You Do?

As a security firm, you need to find a solution to drones. At the same time, you also need to ensure that you are successfully communicating with clients and prospective customers that you are creating countermeasures for drones.

If you’re looking for an answer, then you are more than welcome to contact us for our opinion and services on the matter. At Drone Defence, we specialise in providing practical and realistic solutions to mitigate against the potential risks. Our Drone Security Consulting services can help you to find an official position for your firm to take, and we can integrate many of our services seamlessly into your solution. It’s all part of our continuing desire to make sure that security firms have a solution for drones to meet the needs of their clients. 

Many of the services which we provide to customers and clients can integrate seamlessly into their existing security plans, so there’s no reason why a firm specialising in this area could not utilise them effectively. Whether you want to introduce the AeroGuard service into your own services, or perhaps specialist jamming equipment, there’s something available for most risk profiles you’ll face. We strive to make sure that no matter what, there’s a defence which can be introduced into any environment because we know there are so many various possibilities for a drone incursion to take place. 

All in all, the need for drones to be used in a security environment are pretty high, and the recent events which took place at Gatwick Airport are proof that there does need to be considerations for drones and how they interact with all forms of life. We’re always working to make sure that there are adequate countermeasures in place for when an incursion does happen, and as a security firm, there’s a pressing need to make sure that you are correctly tracking the latest in threats to the wellbeing of your clients. Times do change, and it’s vital that you change with them. 

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