Protecting Critical Infrastructure From Drones

The Danger Of Drones

In every country, there’s a handful of major systems which keep the country running. If one were to collapse or go down, there would be absolute chaos. These are known as critical infrastructure. Normally, they’re so important that no one would dare target them, and they’re also quite well guarded. However, there’s technology which could pose a threat to the safety of an entire country now, and you can probably work out what it is.

Critical Infrastructure – What Are The Dangers?

To fully grasp the potential issues of this area, we first have to consider what the infrastructure does. Think of them as the foundations for which the entire country is built upon. Power systems, defence systems, medical facilities. Without these key systems in place, how do we expect to be able to get on with our lives? They’re among the most important parts of the country and they need protecting. That’s why there’s usually some hefty security at work. However, modern technology could well find a way to make that security useless, and cause some major damage.

To help you understand, we’re going to take a look at a customary example. Let’s presume the facilities which provided water to an entire part of the country was the target of sabotage. How would the individual or group breach the security? To try a full frontal assault on the facility would be a fool’s errand; there are too many security measures, and too much to deal with. But what if there was machinery which could fly over the facility, and identify weak points in its security? Guard rotations, vent shafts, open windows. Places where something could be introduced into the water supply or where someone could disrupt everything. The results would be devastating, and it would be all thanks to something that looks harmless.

What Can Be Done?

Now that we have identified the problems, there are steps which can be taken to prevent them from happening. The Dynopis System for example. It’s a low powered and portable drone signal disruptor. It works by cutting off the signal to the drone, causing it to drop out of the air before it has had a chance to view anything classified. There is also the Net Gun X1, a system which has been designed to allow you to shoot down drones with the aid of a net. This helps to protect these vital systems.

Overall, it is easy to spot the potential threats that modern technology can present to our world and the systems which keep it running and in balance. With areas like these, swift and relentless countermeasures have to be taken. The risk to the stability of the country is simply too great to take chances. Modern security already protects these places from every other potential area of attack, so why not expand that range to include aerial threats? It’ll help to bring much-needed peace of mind, and also serve to make sure that you will not worry about threats from this particular location anymore.

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