Solar Sentinel - Off Grid Security Solution for CCTV and Drone Detection using AeroSentry and AeroEye

The UK’s only solar powered, rapidly deployable Drone Detection and CCTV platform.

Designed for events and sites that require robust, flexible, cost-effective solutions for their site security and safety needs

Dispensing of the need for line installation or groundworks, Solar Sentinel combines the latest camera surveillance technology with our proprietary drone detection software, AeroSentry®.

Key Benefits

Off-grid security solution capable of delivering 24/7 CCTV & Drone Detection powered entirely by solar energy.

Self-sustaining, powered entirely by solar energy.

Personal service for clients of all sizes from private events to large festivals.

Rapidly deployed and fully operational within a day.

Scalable, portable and modular, providing the requisite flexibility for developing sites and operational requirements.

Anti-theft and vandalism measures, built in GPS tracking, fully enclosed, ruggedized and lockable cabinet with IP66 rating.

Completely green with zero net emissions. Solar Sentinel is self-sustaining which reduces noise on site and removes the requirement for diesel generators.

Available for hire across the UK.

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Drones in US by 2020


Commercial Drones by 2018


Annual Growth Rate

Drone Detection

To give early warning and time to send out an alert

Drone Tracking

To understand if the drone is flying into your airspace

Drone Identification

To give you the info you need to respond in time

Drone Defeat

To defeat the drone at range before it is a threat