Paladyne Electronic Countermeasures - Drone Jamming

The Paladyne series of electronic countermeasures (drone jammers) are specifically designed to be a back-pack mounted, man-portable & future-proof system to disrupt the command, video and navigation signals on the majority of commercial drones.

Once the drone is detected the E1000MP can be activated to block its control, GPS and video signals meaning that the drone returns to its start location, lands or drifts harmlessly away.

With an operational range up to 1km, if you can see the drone then you can stop it. The end-user can choose between an omnidirectional or directional antenna meaning that wide areas can be protected or the signal can be directed at the offending drone. The operator can control the channels they wish to intercept meaning that they could even activate the ‘return to home’ function in the drone and then find out where the operator is.

The Paladyne E1000MP is safe, easy to use and economical. Disrupting the drone is the only way to ensure that you protect your airspace and not pose a risk to others.

The Features

Positive Posture Design:  

Non-threatening casing provides coverage without alarming the public.

Instant Deployment:  

The E1000MP can be deployed immediately, carried by an operative or remotely activated.

Operational Range:

Up to 1km jamming range for 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz and GNSS.  The E1000MP will overpower the drone’s control signals up to three times the distance the drone is from its operator.

Swarm Protection:

In omni-directional mode the E1000MP provides protection against a swarm attack.

Rugged Enclosure:  

The E1000MP is rated at IP56, with a robust enclosure it is user-ready.

Technical Details


Disruption Range: Up to 1km (0.62 miles)
Product Weight: 10.2kg (22.5 lbs)
Colours: Black

Effective Frequencies:



12 & 24 VDC
Activation time: 4 hours (continuous)
Standby time: 12+ hours

Recharge time: 4 hours


Operating temperature: -20ºC to +60°C (-4ºF to +140ºF)
Designed to IP56 (during operation)

Warranty Details:

12 months from date of shipment

Advanced Features

Remote Control Operation – The operator can be up to 15m away from the unit and activate it via a remote control.

Powered from Vehicle (12V) – Can be powered and charged from a 12V vehicles supply while providing protection on the move.

Waterproof Design – Can be used in all weathers.

Made and Designed in the UK

Optional Features

With a control module the E1000MP can be integrated into a wider security system.

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Legal Disclaimer

Our drone jamming technology has not been authorized as required by the United States Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”). Consequently, these devices are not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, in the United States, other than to the United States government, its agencies, and its properly delegated representatives, until such authorization is obtained. The use of our jamming technology in the United States by other persons or entities, including, in certain circumstances, state or local government agencies, is prohibited by federal law.  Laws limiting the availability of our jamming technology to certain types of users may apply in other jurisdictions.  Drone Defence does not accept liability for use.

Our jamming technology affects 2.4Ghz, 5.8Ghz and GPS/Glonass/L1.  Emergency broadcasts, handheld radios, baby monitors,  mobile phone communications and other dedicated channels remain unaffected.


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Annual Growth Rate

Drone Detection

To give early warning and time to send out an alert

Drone Tracking

To understand if the drone is flying into your airspace

Drone Identification

To give you the info you need to respond in time

Drone Defeat

To defeat the drone at range before it is a threat