The NetGun X1

The NetGun X1 is a simple to use, cost-effective active deterrent that allows law enforcement officers to capture unwanted drones up to 15m.

It can be specified with two different types of capture net allowing the user the choice depending on the situation they face. It is small, lightweight and compact meaning that more units can be deployed to tackle unwanted drones.

Capturing the drone allows the security operative to regain control of the situation and ensures that it can be handed over to forensic experts who may be able to ascertain the identity of the operator.

Type 1 - Mesh

Effective Range: up to 10m

Net Size: 9 meters squared (3m x 3m)

Mesh Size: 15cm

Deployment Time: 1 second

Velocity: 10 meters per second

Type 2 - Spider

Effective Range: up to 15m

Net Size: 2 meters squared (1.5m radial)

Deployment Time: 1 second

Velocity: 10 meters per second

Standard Pack Contents

1 x Net Gun Body
1 x Type 1 Capture Net (Mesh)
1 x Type 2 Capture Net (Spider)
2 x Power Packs
1 x Belt Clip
1 x Carry Case

Training will be offered on delivery. It is strongly recommended that all users complete the full training course so they are aware of the specific usage requirements of the system.

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Drone Tracking

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