Dynopis Electronic Countermeasures - Drone Jamming

The Dynopis series of electronic countermeasures (drone jammers) are specifically designed to be a back-pack mounted, man-portable & future-proof system to disrupt the command, video and navigation signals on the majority of commercial drones.

Once the drone is detected the Dynopis System can be activated to block its control, GPS and video signals meaning that the drone returns to its start location, lands or drifts harmlessly away.

With an operational range up to 1km, if you can see the drone then you can stop it. The end-user can choose between an omnidirectional or directional antenna meaning that wide areas can be protected or the signal can be directed at the offending drone. The operator can control the channels they wish to intercept meaning that they could even activate the ‘return to home’ function in the drone and then find out where the operator is.

The Dynopis E1000MP is safe, easy to use and economical. Disrupting the drone is the only way to ensure that you protect your airspace and not pose a risk to others.

Operating Frequencies

2.4GHz | GPS | 5.8GHz

Operational Range

Omni-Directional Antenna – 500m | Directional Antenna – 1km


Less than 10kg

Effect on Drone

Return to launch location or land immediately

Other Features

Remote Control Operation | Powered from Vehicle (12V) | Waterproof Design | Made and Designed in the UK

Download the Dynopis E1000MP Brochure



Drones Sold in 2017


Drones in US by 2020


Commercial Drones by 2018


Annual Growth Rate

Drone Detection

To give early warning and time to send out an alert

Drone Tracking

To understand if the drone is flying into your airspace

Drone Identification

To give you the info you need to respond in time

Drone Denial

To defeat the drone at range before it is a threat