The AeroSnare

AeroSnare® is an easy to use, low cost device which provides a basic drone capture capability for police and security forces who already operate their own drones.  AeroSnare securely attaches to a friendly drone (any drone but it has been specifically designed for the Mavic and DJI M200 series). It uses a weighted drag-line which is slung underneath the friendly drone.

The friendly drone then flies over the hostile drone with a view to entangling the drone’s propellers in the drag-line.  Once the offending drone is entangled it stalls and falls out the sky, this process it activates the magnetic release function in AeroSnare which in turn quickly  (sub 1 second) deploys a parachute so the hostile drone descends slowly with little force (sub 69 joules for drones under 2.6 kg).

We offer full training on the system and annual competency certification for operators.

Download Technical Specifications

Parachute Deployment Time
Parachute Deployment Time

circa. 1 Second

Minimum Operational Height
Minimum Operational Height

20 Meters For Hostile Drone

Impact Energy
Impact Energy

Less Than 69 Joules for sub 2.6kg Drones

Maximum Drone Weight
Maximum Drone Weight

Up to 3.6kg

Standard Set Contents



1 x AeroSnare Body

10 x Hook and Loop Fixing Straps

2 x Parachutes

2 x Magnetic Caps

2 x Snare Lines

2 x Snare Weights

1 x IP67 Hard Case with Cut Foam

1 x User Manual




What are the benefits of AeroSnare?

It requires no firearms license ,it is not export controlled, it will not anger animal rights activists, it is re-useable, it does not require a mid-air collision with another drone, it preserves evidence for later exploitation and it is very cost effective.

AeroSnare will not stop all drones

AeroSnare is the perfect device in some circumstances, and anything which introduces an element of doubt in the mind of an illegal drone flyer is a worthy deterrent and addition to a security forces’ arsenal.  AeroSnare is very effective against static or slow moving drones at altitudes up to 500m (depending on local legislation).

Do you offer training?

On purchase of an AeroSnare set we offer a full training package at either the end-users’ location or our Research & Development Centre.  The training includes how to intercept a hostile drone and live exercises where drone operators get the chance to intercept a drone for real.

We also offer annual competency certification to ensure operators retain the necessary skills to use AeroSnare efficiently.


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Drone Detection

To give early warning and time to send out an alert

Drone Tracking

To understand if the drone is flying into your airspace

Drone Identification

To give you the info you need to respond in time

Drone Defeat

To defeat the drone at range before it is a threat