AeroGuards™ | Managed Drone Defence Service

When you need to protect your airspace or event from unwanted drones then our AeroGuards™ can provide the most cost effective drone defence solution. Depending on the environment a two-man AeroGuard™ team can protect up to 5km of airspace around your facility or event.

The Problem:

Drone incidents are on the increase in the UK. Drones are disrupting football matches, flying over open-air concerts, spooking horses and delivering drugs into prisons. Increasingly event planners and facilities mangers have to put into place counter drone procedures but none can provide the complete solution.

The Solution:

Drone Defence can provide the complete drone security solution to protect your airspace. First we designate your airspace as a ‘No Drone Zone’ and publicise this to the growing drone community. Next we provide AeroGuards™ to help identify unwanted drones and stop them from entering into your airspace. The AeroGuards act as a highly visible deterrent who, by their presence alone, will dissuade opportunists.

The Procedure

Drone Security Assessment. 
One of our Drone Security Assessors will spend a day at your venue and complete the D.I.R.E.C.T. Action Plan Drone Security report. In it, we will identify drone security vulnerable points and advise you on how to mitigate them. Once you are happy with the recommendations we will then implement the Action Plan.

Communicate. The first thing we need to do to stop people flying drones in your airspace is to tell them not to. Using our #nodronezone service we communicate the temporary airspace restriction and ask drone operators to respect it. If there are any unidentified or unofficial drones then we can take the appropriate action.

Deter. Our AeroGuards™ provide a highly visible deterrent effect, which has a significant impact on the drone operator. When this is coupled with the #nodronezone it provides a compelling counter drone effect. Only the most determined actors will wish to pose a threat and we have the technology to prevent them.

Detect & Deny. Our AeroGuards™ are equipped with the latest drone detection technology which can track & identify the majority of commercial drones. We can also inform the location of the drone’s operator so the security services can respond on the ground. Where legislation permits we can also provide drone-jamming systems. These systems use a directional jamming antenna to block 2.4GHz, 5.8GHz and (where permitted) GPS signals that the drone requires to navigate.

The Benefits of the AeroGuards™ Service

We understand that you might not have the requirement to purchase expensive drone countermeasure equipment. With the purchase of equipment ongoing maintenance and training needs to be factored in. When you add in the speed of technological development of the drone market the system you purchase might only be effective for twelve months.

By using our AeroGuards™ you can be assured that you are hiring highly trained drone security operatives with the latest technology. We keep our people fully versed in drone developments and constantly review our threat analysis. We try to stay ahead of the curve leaving you free to mange your event effectively.


Open Air Events

Festivals are an opportunity for people to have fun and see their favourite entertainers.  Festival organisers plan safe events to allow their customers to enjoy the event in the Knowle

Festivals also act as attractive targets for drone operators who might simply want to capture an image of their favourite star (and breach broadcasting rights).  Drones can also be used for more sinister purposes and convey drugs into a festival or open-air event.  Event organisers expend significant resource to ensure their events are safe, the drone can pose a risk to this.

Scheduled Activities

Large public events are another popular target for drone operators.  Now we can offer the ability to monitor the airspace on a temporary basis to inform the Police on local drone activity and where the operators are.

Our detection system has the ability to obtain the drone’s serial code, make and model, position, speed, latitude and ground controller location.  This information can then be passed to the Police.

Football Matches

Drones are increasingly being used around football stadia on match day causing delays and potentially risking fines for the club.  Like many other events football matches are attractive targets for irresponsible drone operators who might want to get a picture of their favourite team or players.

When face with an unknown drone over the pitch the referee has no choice but to stop the game until the drone has been removed.  Now modern drones can fly for 30 mins this delay to the match could be extensive.  Understanding where the drone has come from and the location of its operator is key to delivering a safe footballing environment.

Horse Racing

Frankie Dettori was unseated from his horse as it was ‘spooked’ by a drone at Newmarket.  The juvenile horse was unsettled by the drone’s noise which sounds like a ‘swarm of bees’.

Not only an animal welfare concern, drones could pose a risk to spectators and could infringe on broadcasting rights.  Finally, if a drone were to broadcast video of the performance of a horse prior to a race then the betting markets could be compromised.

Animal rights activists could use drones to make a statement protest at a key event so obtaining early warning and the launch location of the drone would be very useful in mitigating the risk.

Air Shows

The impact of a drone striking an aircraft at an air show is obvious, so it is critical that unauthorized drone activity is identified early and the drone’s operator is identified.  Our AeroGuards™ can sit alongside the event organisers to identify & track the drone and allow for the appropriate responses to take place.

Given the risks it is imperative that organisers consider a comprehensive counter-drone strategy and response.


No bride wants an unauthorized drone to ruin her wedding day.  When rights to the wedding have been sold to a magazine it is even more important to maintain the highest levels of privacy.  Our AeroGuards™ can still alongside the other security providers to inform of a drone in the area and then the situation can be managed.  This could mean that the outside photo shoot is delayed until the drone is no longer in the area.


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