Product Launch – AeroSnare

We ‘re excited to announce the latest product innovation to combat the growing threat of drone misuse.

Today we announce the product launch of AeroSnare – a new drone capture device that can be retrofitted to any commercial drone operated by law enforcement and security services.

Using AeroSnare allows organisations such as Police forces to upgrade their own drone fleet and turn them into drone defence interceptors.  AeroSnare is a low-cost device that can be fitted to a drone to give security forces the capability of ensnaring an offending drone and bringing it safely to the ground.

In the hands of a trained operator AeroSnare can empower the security services with a physical drone capture capability. AeroSnare is also not affected by legal and operational restrictions associated with other drone mitigation technologies such as jamming.

Richard Gill, CEO of Drone Defence, explains how it works, “AeroSnare is attached to the ‘friendly drone’ and the aim is for the security drone operator to fly the friendly drone over the offending drone.  The Kevlar trailing line snares the offending drone’s propellers causing it to stall and lose lift.  As the offending drone stalls it pulls a parachute out of the AeroSnare and then descends gently to the ground.”

As we often say here at Drone Defence, there is no silver bullet in respect of drone countermeasures. AeroSnare is designed to provide some capability where none currently exists as part of a range of countermeasures.  Unlike most other drone capture devices, it requires no firearms license, it is not export controlled, it will not anger animal rights activists, it does not require a mid-air collision and it doesn’t come with a five-figure price tag.

Richard Gill adds, “The application is simple and can upgrade commercial drones with the ability to intercept and safely interdict illegally flown drones.  When considered against other physical capture and kinetic drone defence measure AeroSnare is an elegant solution.

AeroSnare is the perfect device in some circumstances, and anything which introduces an element of doubt in an illegal drone flyer is an important deterrent and should be welcomed by law enforcement officers and the drone industry alike.”

With some basic training a competent drone operator can quickly learn how to use the device and safely capture hostile drones without damaging their own drone asset.

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