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Prison Smuggling And Drones – The New Age Of Crime?

Prison smuggling is a real problem which is faced by many. We’ve all heard the stories, and some of them are grounded in facts. However, with the modern age comes a series of modern opportunities. The neo-criminal might have new ways of smuggling the things they want into prison. However, not everyone knows about these methods, what they are and how they can be prevented, so let’s take a look at that.

Prison Smuggling: How Do Drones Fit Into The Equation?

To understand the use of a drone, you have to think like a criminal. You need to smuggle goods into prison but you most of the conventional methods aren’t viable anymore. How would you then go about getting goods into a high-security area without attracting suspicion?

It’s then of course, that the drone might come up in the thought process. An aerial device that’s generally dismissed by everyone, the drone has a few characteristics that would appeal to an incarcerated criminal. For example, the fact that a drone can go pretty much anywhere and that they’re not actively policed and checked in the same way that a visitor to the prison or the prisoners themselves are. That high level of security isn’t present.

Prison Smuggling: How Do Drones Sneak In?

To try and help you better understand exactly how the drone can be a problem, we’ll look at an example. A drone is flying in the air above a prison. Suddenly, to the ordinary person, it seems to develop a “fault”. It falls out of the air and lands in the exercise yard where a particular group of prisoners happen to be. While the drone may be damaged beyond repair, the goods that it was smuggling in aren’t. In fact, they’ve been picked up and pocketed by about three different people, and no one is ever the wiser.

Prison Smuggling: So, What Can Be Done?

By now, you’ve probably worked out the potential dangers that a drone can bring to people. However, what you may not be aware of is how the drones can be stopped and kept away. However, there are a few different countermeasures. For example, having the Dynopis system placed around the prison but a little distance away from it means that drones can get close to the prison. This is because the Dynopis system interferes with and shuts off the signals between the drone and its pilot. Alternatively, close-range drones that are clearly trying to cause a problem can be shot down with the Net Gun X1.

Overall, prison smuggling can be a real pain to properly stop when you have to deal with drones as well. As a rule, drones are fast and difficult to spot, which makes them prime candidates for an innocent crash landing and drop off. However, we have to be vigilant of drones and make sure that they are properly policed and such regulated. Until such a time as proper laws are put in place to counteract them, we have to deal with them ourselves.

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