Prison Smuggling – How Can Drones Influence This?

The world of prison smuggling is all too real. People routinely attempt to get things both inside and outside prison that they shouldn’t. However, for the most part, guards and security officers have a good grip on the situation. But what would happen if a new element was introduced into the world of prison smuggling, one which was harder to police and much less conspicuous?

Drones – A Challenge To The Law?

Drone technology is definitely evolving. There’s no real way to avoid it; these devices are available to basically everyone. But how do they connect to prison smuggling?

The point of prison smuggling is to get something inside or out that shouldn’t be going to either place. It might be contraband like alcohol or drugs, but it might also be something dangerous like a blade. Whatever it is, people have gone to incredible lengths to get it delivered to them. Hiding the items inside their bodies (thank you, Hollywood), or bribing guards to get it smuggled in, there’s no limits.

Now normally, the police and officers inside the prison have a good understanding of smuggling. They know it’s happening and will do what they can to stop it. But what would happen if the goods were air delivered in? Normally, you’d think that something dropping in goods would be noticeable. However, when it’s something that everyone has and isn’t designed to look obvious, it becomes more of a challenge. Imagine if there was a small, remote-controlled craft that could set down inside the prison, deliver items and then just fly away without anyone knowing?

What Can Be Done?

By now, people might have paled when they’ve realised that there’s a potential problem here. Weapons, illegal substances and other items can be dropped into inmates without any kind of problems? A lot of people are probably wondering what can be done to prevent this from happening. Thankfully, there’s a bit of technology which can prevent drones from actually becoming a problem. For one, you can get a machine which blocks the signal to the drone when it comes into your airspace. This will cut the system down before it even gets close enough to deliver goods. There are also special guns which fire nets to ground drones, making it easy to stop them from getting close to the prison.

Overall, the use of drones in prison smuggling can be a very real problem, but it can also be stopped by people when they use the right kind of drone technology. We are hoping that the law will change to allow our SkyFence system to be deployed in your prison. It’s important that we take the time to stop prison smuggling from happening because you never know what’s being brought in. Things could be dangerous, or extremely hazardous to the other inmates, so they need to be found and stopped. Hopefully, you’ll prevent this particular method of smuggling from really taking off before it becomes a serious issue.

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