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Open Air Events – Danger From Above?

Open air events are great places for people to meet, enjoy themselves and experience new things. However, not all outdoor activities are safe places to be, despite the efforts of many to make them so. 


Besides the usual suspects of illegal drugs and too much alcohol, you have one other potential safety problem which affects everything from festivals to rallies. Not many people know what this potential safety hazard is or how it can be a detriment to their health, so we’re going to look into it here and now.


Open Air: Drones, How Are They Involved? 


As you can probably tell, we’re not as fond of drones as some other people will be. It’s not that we don’t like drones, it’s more that we’re not taken in by what they are because we’re aware of what they can do and the harm they could cause.


Consider this within the setting of the open-air event. There’s a lot of different ways in which drones could cause problems for people who are at outdoor activities. Because of the ability of drones to be able to deliver large payloads of items without any issues at all, there’s the potential for a lot of damage to be caused. 


Open Air: What Damage Could Drones Do?


As per the usual, we’re going to be taking a look at a potential scenario to provide people with an understanding of what drones could do. Imagine for just a minute that you’re at an open-air event. There’s music, there are drinks, and everyone’s having a good time without a care in the world.


Of course, this means that no one will notice the drone flying above the event. The drone which is perhaps loaded with explosives. The drone which probably drops needles into the crowd. However you look at it, there’s potential for drones to cause a lot of harm, and no one will even know it’s coming because most people tend to ignore drones. 


Open Air: What Can Be Done?


Of course, it’s then a question of asking yourself what it is that you can do to protect outdoor events from the problems that drones cause. Thankfully, there are a few different things that we offer which can help you to protect against drones. For example, the Dynopis system has been designed to allow you to jam the signals which come from drones, to stop them from getting close to your event. 


All in all, the threat of drones when appropriately considered is relatively substantial. We all know that drones can be a significant source of a headache and strife for people to have to deal with.  Which is why we’ve done our best to make it so that you don’t have to deal with them at all. We all need to understand the threat that drones can offer, and work together to make it so that they don’t become an issue. Otherwise, how can you expect to be able to enjoy an event properly, if the proper security isn’t in place?

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