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New Research & Development Division

Drone Defence Establishes Research & Development Division

We’re proud to announce that we have officially established a research & development division based at Retford (Gamston) Airport in the UK. The move also gives us the opportunity to install our latest drone detection system, AeroSentry, in an airport environment.  AeroSentry provides 24/7 overwatch of the airport and surrounding areas and notifies the Tower of drone activity so they can take appropriate action. Furthermore, Retford (Gamston) Airport will provide an excellent environment to support the continued development of the research and testing capabilities like our AeroSnare®, AeroBeam® and AeroEye™.

Being able to establish a base in a key sector was seen as critical to the continued growth plans of the business. The new research & development division will enhance the ability of Drone Defence to consult, research, develop, and test enhancements and new product development in context.

Drone Defence CEO Richard Gill describes the reasoning, “Drone Defence has witnessed a growing demand world-wide for its services, especially since major incidents such as Gatwick. So moving to an airport was the next evolutionary step for the business to support product development in our key markets, and allow us to better demonstrate our products in context to our customers.”

Drone Defence have developed a number of unique products within the drone security industry which have been deployed internationally in the real-world situations and locations with complete success.

Richard Gill goes on to explain, “The acceleration in development of, and access to, drone technology has set the challenge for companies like ourselves to support the adoption of drones for legitimate and positive purposes. Despite legislation, those who wish to invade privacy, cause disruption, or engage in potentially harmful activity using drones, continue to do so. At Drone Defence we embrace this challenge every day because we believe there is a better way where organisations can take steps to protect themselves.”

Drone defence is focussed on delivering technical solutions to the growing threat to Individuals, corporations and national infrastructure. The company has developed a number of solutions to provide airports, ports, prisons, stadia, superyachts etc with detection and countermeasure technology for protection against drone misuse.

AeroSentry® is a Radio Frequency (RF) detection devise with a highly intuitive graphical User Interface (GUI) providing live situational awareness around the protected site. AeroSentry® utilises leading edge software defined radio technology and deep learning algorithms to deliver real time drone detection capability, providing superior range, reliability and performance over traditional detection methods.

Drone Defence’s countermeasure systems are based on similar RF technology with fixed or mobile variants providing an effective ‘no drone zone’ around the protected area which drones are unable to penetrate. Retford (Gamston) Airport will join Guernsey Prison as public reference sites where Drone Defence’s solutions can be seen live in action.

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