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MarineGuard: Our Partnership

MarineGuard: As a company, we strive to provide our services to as many people as possible. Our commitment to providing the very best in drone defences has led us to seek out partnerships which will be beneficial to both them and us. As a direct result of this, we have allied with MarineGuard. If you read on, you will find out more about this relationship, and how will benefit both parties. 

Who are MarineGuard? 

MarineGuard is a leading provider of marine-based security in the U.K. Their headquarters are in Southampton, and their relationship with us will help ensure that the expectations of their customers stay fulfilled. 

As a company, MarineGuard has already been striving to meet the challenges presented by drones. Their work in combating the growing issues faced by superyachts and other naval vessels has proven to be inspiring. Their relationship with us will consolidate their position as the leading provider of marine-based security. Their work has created many innovative security systems, many of which have served on the largest and most iconic yachts in the world. 

MarineGuard: A Partnership For a New Age

There is no doubt that this relationship will change the way in which we examine potential threats to marine-based security. Speaking about the alliance and what it could offer, the CEO of MarineGuard said ‘as a leading superyacht security provider it was essential that we continue to review and respond to the changing threats and technologies in support of our clients and their security. The technology available from Drone Defence, together with our expertise in marine security system design and installation, will allow us to address this threat in the marine market’.

Our founder, Richard, was similarly enthusiastic about the combining of resources and information. He believes that ‘It’s great to be announcing our relationship with MarineGuard, an organisation with a great reputation in the superyacht industry and they understand the importance of technological solutions in combating security threats’, adding that ‘as with all technology there are those that will exploit it for the wrong reasons. As a result, we’ve developed technology that secures yachts, buildings, vehicles and larger infrastructure from illegal drone incursions’.

The ultimate aim for both companies is to make the seas a safe place for people to traverse – albeit from the perspective of protecting from human danger instead of natural ones. By combining skills, ideas and technology, we are confident that by working with MarineGuard we will accomplish this task.

In summary, we are very proud of securing this relationship and look forward to many successful endeavours together. We were confident that MarineGuard shared our vision for a safe future and will help us to make drones a more responsible and compliant technology. People have a right to feel like they are safe from problems such as an invasion of privacy or spying, and we work tirelessly to help in this area. Our company will not stop until such a time that drones are safe, maintaining a respectful distance from people, and unable to break any law or personal boundary. 

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