Let the Drone Community Know to Stay Away

Designate Your Airspace as a No Drone Zone

Drone Defence believes that the first step in preventing unwanted drones flying above your facility is to nominate your airspace as a No Drone Zone. If you decide that you want to ask drone operators to stay away from your site then we will publish your wishes to the growing drone community and let them know why you would not like them to fly near you.

You also have the option of also putting up some signs to make sure that drone operators near you know where the No Drone Zone begins. They can then check Drone Defence’s website and download the Drone Information Notice (DIN) which gives details about the extent of the restrictions and the reasons for them.

Your facility could be secure, like a prison. Or it could contain commercially sensitive information, like a data centre. Either way the first step in physical drone protection is to nominate your airspace as restricted.

Fortunately the vast majority of drone operators are responsible and will respect your wishes, however there are some who might still ignore your request. If this is the case then Drone Defence can provide systems to detect and interdict unwelcomed drones.

Drone Defence is working with noflyzoneuk.org to ensure that your No Drone Zone gains maximum exposure to drone operators across the UK.

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