Impact of Sweden’s Drone Ban

What impact will Sweden’s effective ban on drones with cameras have on the drone market?

This week the Supreme Administrative Court of Sweden has decreed that licenses will be required by people wishing to use a drone with a camera. This move, it is argued, will damage the commercial development of the UAV industry in Sweden. I believe the licensing requirement is borne out of a lack of effective countermeasures in the drone security industry.

No doubt the UK’s CAA will have noted Sweden’s move but I hope they do not consider something similar the UK. The emerging drone industry has huge commercial potential and the UK is currently a world leader in terms of capabilities, applications and permissive legislation. In a post Brexit Britain the explosion in commercially licensed operators is a testament to the fact that entrepreneurs across the country are seeking new ways to exploit drone technology to further their businesses. From taking pictures of weddings to conducting complex industrial inspections the potential is real and growing.

It should be recognised, however, that some people will use drone technology for criminal and harmful purposes. Drones smuggling drugs into prisons is almost a daily occurrence now and fears are growing over terrorist use of the technology.

This is where drone security businesses like Drone Defence come in. By delivering an effective and commercially viable counter dronesolutions organisations who wish to protect themselves now can. Instead of turning to the CAA and the Government to firm up legislation on drone use they can now employ cutting edge technology and trained anti drone specialists like our Drone Defenders to protect their events and infrastructure.

D rone Defence have a full suite of drone countermeasures making us a world leader in countering the emerging threat. From our simple to use Net Gun X1 to our Drone Defenders service we can offer complete protection from drones. Our Dynopis E1000MP is available in the UK for the Police, Prisons and Security Services. In more permissive overseas environments our clients can use our drone jammingsolutions today.

If you want to find out more about how we can help then please get in touch on info@dronedefence.co.uk or visit www.dronedefence.co.uk

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