Fantastic Press This Week Covering Our Drone Security Solutions

Drone Defence receives recognition from around the UK and the Rest of the World about its counter UAV services

Jane’s Defence Said:

UK company Drone Defence has launched a new concept for protecting infrastructure and events from illicit unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), dubbed Drone Guardians.

The Drone Guardians concept sees the company provide trained ex-military and ex-law enforcement personnel using the Radio Frequency scanner to detect and identify unauthorised UAVs, before employing either the Dynopis E1000MP and/or the Net Gun X1 counter-UAV (C-UAV) systems to defeat them.

Developed in-house by Drone Defence, the Dynopis E1000MP is a man-portable drone jammer that uses directional electronic countermeasures and GPS disruption to either steer the UAV away from the protected area, or to cause it to automatically land. As noted on the company’s website, the Dynopis E1000MP has a total output of more than 100W and five channels that cover the most popular commercially available UAVs, such as the DJI and 3DR multicopters. By contrast, the Net Gun X1 fires a net to physically capture the UAV out to a range of between 10 m and 15 m depending on the configuration of the net.

In its press release, Drone Defence identified football matches, horse-racing events, air shows, and open air concerts as being key events to be defended by the Drone Defenders, as well as protecting VIPs and privacy. The number of personnel deployed to a location would depend on the threat profile, with a ‘Gold’ deployment seeing a command post set up with a jamming system capable of creating a 3 km safety bubble, with three to four Drone Defender teams on the ground patrolling the perimeter.

Northants Herald and Post Said:

A University of Northampton graduate has launched what he says it the UK’s first complete anti-drone security service – which includes firing nets to catch rogue drones and technology which jams the remote controlled devices’ frequency.

Richard Gill, a former army officer turned entrepreneur, completed the University of Northampton’s MBA (Master of Business Administration) earlier this year via distance learning.

His new venture, Drone Defence, now aims to protect people and events from the misuse of drones.

Members of the public are able to purchase unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones to make use of their powerful cameras, often capturing stunning photography and video footage.

Drone sales have dramatically increased over the last two years, as the technology has become more affordable, but with this increase in sales there has been a three-fold increase in drone related incidents being reported to the police.

The drones have very fast spinning blades which, if they come into contact with people, can cause significant harm. The machines have also previously been used for criminal purposes, to transport drugs and weapons into prisons, invade peoples’ privacy and disrupt events. In conflict zones, insurgents have adapted drones to deliver rudimentary explosive devices on targets.

Richard explained the inspiration behind his business: “After seeing reports of drones being used irresponsibly near airports and flying drugs into prisons I thought that I should do something about it. After working in the commercial UAV sector for the last two years I thought I would bring that knowledge together with my previous experience and launch a business to help organisations protect themselves from unwanted drones.”

“We help people by offering them comprehensive drone related security advice. We offer the latest anti-drone technology including a drone jammer and a net firing device. With our ‘Drone Defenders’ we also offer a drone guarding service which can be used to protect sporting events and concerts.”

Dr Mils Hills – Associate Professor of Risk, Resilience and Corporate Security and Programme Leader for the MBA – stated: “It’s inspiring to see our graduates progress into commercial success – leveraging their subject matter-expertise with the additional skills and confidence our programme transfers. It’s especially heartening that Rick and his team are providing a cutting-edge portfolio of security solutions for a challenge that is only going to become more prevalent and where operators like Drone Defence will set the benchmark for quality and effectiveness”.

Drone Defence offers products called the Net Gun X1, a CO2 powered net firing device that is designed to capture drones at short range. They also have a device called the Dynopis E1000MP which jams the drone’s control frequency meaning it returns to its operator. They can also offer an anti-drone service for events where they deploy security specialists with the anti-drone technology.

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