Drug Drone Operator Jailed

First prosecution of its kind in the UK

Man jailed for smuggling drugs into prisons using a drone. In the first prosecution of its kind in the UK a man from south London was handed a 14 month jail sentence for flying spice and tobacco into a number of prisons.

Daniel Kelly, 37, used a small UAV sprayed black to avoid detection.  The small radio controlled system cost only £700 to build and it was able to simply fly over the high fences of the prisons across the south east.

Kelly flew his drone over Swanslade, Wandslade, Hemel Hempstead and Elmley prisons but was arrested when flying near Swanslade.

When mobile phones and drugs are worth 20 times more on the ‘inside’ you can understand why Kelly wanted to fly his drone illegally.  The reports of drone flights near prisons and other sensitive areas are increasingly daily leaving security chiefs at a loss on how to deal with them.

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