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Drones Used For Quick Takeaway?

Now, we’ve definitely heard of drones being used for some crazy things. And typically, the cargo of a drone is much more illegal than anyone would think. So when it came to light that the drone was used to ferry takeaway food into prison for someone, people were naturally pretty surprised.

After all, it doesn’t strike you as being the type of thing that someone would go to a lot of trouble to introduce into a prison environment, does it? But it’s happened, and we’re going to do some investigations about it here and now.

The Story So Far

Prisoners in a facility in Ireland clearly fancied a change from the standard cafeteria menu, because they took it upon themselves to use drones to get a Chinese takeaway flown in.

Well we suspect that the recipient of the food thought that they could get away with it, until that is when staff members found the rubbish from the food in bins. An official representative of the prison said that “Prison staff were left scratching their heads as to how it got there, and a drone was the only possible explanation. It goes to show inmates will go to great lengths to get what they want.”

Our Thoughts

You know, if you put aside the gaping security problem for a minute, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is quite entertaining. We spend so many blogs talking about the issues that drones are causing or negative things that drones are doing, so once in a while it’s good to just reflect on some of the novel ways in which drones are being used.

Of all the things that the inmate could’ve used the drone to get, they went with a Chinese takeaway. It’s a little more lighthearted than what we usually deal with. Of course, there is still a gaping security problem, so we are going to see what we can do to fix that.

Obviously there is a problem with drones getting through the security measures that have been put in place, and being able to deliver food or drugs to the inmates demonstrates this clearly. So if legislation isn’t preventing this activity from happening the only solution you’re left with is going to be based on technology. The technology that you’ll need to invest in will be radio frequency based as, pound for pound, this is the most cost effective countermeasure for drones available on the market today. “But what about my existing systems and communications?” I hear you say, and you’re right to consider the impact. A number of solutions can cause unnecessary impact on other systems, however SkyFence is a giant step forward in this regard and is a proven technology in prisons. Successfully keeping individual and swarms of drones out of prison facilities.

To summarise, this light-hearted story does bring attention to the fact that drones still aren’t properly considered when planning defence solutions for prisons. There is absolutely no protection for them, and institutions like this one will need to review how they address the risk of drones as the adoption of the technology increases. We have seen first hand what drones can do, which is how we know that people need to be more proactive in dealing with them. While it may just be a Chinese takeaway this time, in the future it could be something completely different, and that’s not a risk that any prison can take.

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