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Drones and Prisons – A Problem Corrected?

Drones and Prisons: There’s no doubt that drones are considered to be an issue, which is a great shame. We’re very fond of drones in all honesty, and believe them to be one of the more innovative inventions of the last decade. However, it’s when they’re used to commit crimes and subvert the legal system that we take fault with them. However, we’re going to try and start 2019 in the right way, and that means examining a more hopeful view on drones in the world of prison.

Drones and Prisons: Why Prisons?

You might be wondering why we’d pick a niche area like prisons to talk about drones. However, as 2018 came to a close, there were a series of crimes committed by drones, as the devices acted like private delivery systems to provide inmates with things like drugs and illegal substances.

It made national news, and it highlighted how there was a need for a set of guidelines for drone usage. Drones give us control over the skies, but we never explained to people how they should and shouldn’t behave.

However, the incidents involving drones in recent months was enough to inspire change. The government started to put regulations in place for drones. They don’t stop you from using them; they prevent illegal use instead.

Drones and Prisons: Reformed Drones?

The news is pretty bare concerning drones and prisons at the moment. A few drones brought an airport to a standstill recently, but that’s not a prison topic.

However, no news is good news. The new measures put in place around the prisons has helped to stop drones causing mayhem. A lot of the facilities invested in preventative measures and this contributed to preventing drones from getting close enough to deliver anything or disrupt the prison itself. It’s a hopeful start for 2019; one where we don’t worry about drones and our correctional facilities.

Drones and Prisons: Can I Protect my Business Like Prisons Do?

If you’ve got a business that is important to you, drones can be a serious issue. Sometimes it’s things like commercial espionage or even just harassment. No matter what the problem is, you need to be able to protect your business and your interests. That’s why we’ve made sure that we’ve got the resources to help you. Whether it’s the Net Gun X1, which has been designed to be a tool for shooting drones out of the air or any of our other products, there’s something available for any business to keep their interests safe.

All in all, the lack of problems which have arisen in prisons could be attributed to the fact that people have begun to build up a defence against drones and the issues that they can cause. There’s no doubt that drones are an issue, but they’re also one which can be prevented when people are careful. It’s got a lot to do with how people use technology, and whether they take the time to be responsible with their drones. We like drones and want to see them continue to be used, but we’re also aware of the fact that without guidelines, they can be exploited in the wrong way.





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