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Drones and Pirates – The Threat to Superyachts

Drones and Pirates: There’s no doubt that a superyacht is a beautiful place for people to go and enjoy themselves. However, it’s also true that when it comes to being a way for people to kick back, relax and enjoy themselves, there are few as successful options. For those who have the money and the time to while away the days at sea, this is the option for them.

However, there’s a threat brewing on the open oceans, and there’s always scope for a drone to come and cause a problem for superyachts everywhere. Buckle up, because we’re going to talk about pirates.

Drones and Pirates: So, Pirates?

Now, we’re not joking. You might well think that it sounds like a strange notion because pirates are typically just stories. However, the modern pirate is a very different entity to those west-country folk with long beards and swords. Instead, they have guns and have no compunction about hijacking a ship, taking the valuables of whoever’s on it, and even potentially hurting the occupants of the vessel.

So a superyacht, which is significant and noticeable, and known for being the transport of the wealthy, is a straightforward target. However, to make sure that there’s no mistakes or problems, they will scout out their targets in advance, and this is where a drone can come into the picture.

Drones and Pirates: Recon Made Simple

Sadly, the drone makes it easy for people to figure out their plans ahead of time. What you have to appreciate is that when it comes to spying and isolating the potential of a ship, the drone is a good idea. While you’re just sailing and enjoying yourself, it can sneak over, assess your security, and then use that information to figure out the best way to get on board. Alternatively, they may be carrying explosive devices which are designed to distract or disable the boat and make it easier to take over.

Drones and Pirates: Solutions, Anyone?

Of course, you might be wondering how to stop an eventuality like this because it can be very worrying. We have a solution in the form of our drone jammer, which blocks the signal quite easily. Alternatively, the Net Gun X1 is a good bet. You have the advantage of being around the ocean, so if you do manage to disable the drones, then they’re heading for the water and out of your life.

Overall, it’s an interesting idea to think that pirates could invade you while on a superyacht, but there’s no doubt that you can protect yourself if you attempt to stop drones in their tracks. As a security system, you will find that a good drone defence becomes an integral part of any protective measures you put in place to keep your yacht safe, and you would be wise not to leave the land without something to protect you. While no doubt travelling on the open water can be exceptionally fun, you have to make sure that you’re being safe at the same time, otherwise, you’ll run into trouble.






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