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Drones – What The International Prison Circuit Is Doing To Prevent Their Use In Crime

What The International Prison Circuit Is Doing To Prevent Their Use In Crime: Despite all the issues which happen involving drones, let it be said that we do still love them. Drones are an excellent way for people to see the world in a whole new way, but there need to be safeguards to protect from people who would try and misuse them.

The latest incident with drones and prisoners which we covered in our last blog, has served as a powerful message for the idea that we need to try and make changes to how we address the challenges surrounding drone misuse. We’re going to be taking a look at what international prisons are doing all around the world to try and figure out exactly what can be done to counteract the problem.

Prison Circuit – The Issues Being Faced

What’s been happening is that people have been migrating to using drones to get items into prisons, and as an output of that providing prisoners with illegal drugs with a domino effect of issues. While the people who were trying to do this in the latest episode to hit the UK have been arrested, there’s also going to be potential for people to try and do the same thing in a different prison in another part of the world. 

This naturally presents a real issue for prisons everywhere. While it is true that most people are law-abiding citizens, there’s also going to be people who will not do the right thing and will instead try and misuse drones. Prisons in this country especially suffer from a lack of budgeting, so one might logically assume that this will be the case in other places as well, and more often than not it is.

Prison Circuit: What Are Prisons Doing To Counteract This?

Prisons are thankfully becoming aware of the issues which are being faced, and are trying to prevent them from happening. For example, a jail in Guernsey has implemented our own SkyFence system. This is the use of jammers both inside and out of prison, which form a 500-metre shield that detects the drone signals and then blocks them. This means that the drones are prevented from entering the prison airspace, and the controller can be identified and tracked to catch the perpetrator. It’s these kinds of things which help to prevent drones from being misused and is an excellent way to keep them from delivering dangerous substances into the hands of convicted criminals, many of whom might be on the path to quitting drug addictions.

Technology-based solutions such as these are gaining traction as alternatives are quickly being found wanting, or have additional unforeseen costs associated with them. Nets have been commonly used but can be easily outmanoeuvred and vulnerabilities exposed. Birds of prey have also been trialled in some prisons, however, the additional costs of training, the lead time to train the bird, and the success rate achieved have not met expectations. In the case of the latter option, there is also a significant risk of harm to the animal. 

All in all, prisons on an international basis are starting to look for solutions to combat the problems which have been generated by drones. There is no doubt that drones pose a serious threat to security. While we are fans of them and consider them to be a symbol of modern times, they need to be monitored and stopped when used for the wrong things. Safeguards and preventative measures need to be implemented in places where drones have no business to go, like government buildings or prisons. The incident which took place recently has only served to reinforce the fact that some people will misuse drones, and so we need to make sure that we find ways to stop them.

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