Drones and Football Stadiums – What are the Dangers?

Drones can be a real pain in the rear end. They go everywhere that they seriously shouldn’t. However, there are some locations where drones go that will see them upgraded from annoyance to safety risk. A prime example of this is a football stadium. Particularly, one which is hosting a game and is full of fans and spectators. But what are the dangers of this?

The Problem With Drones In Stadiums

Let’s look at a few basic facts first. Fact number one. Most big stadiums have open roof designs, with the options to close the roof if the weather gets too bad. Fact number two. This open roof is where the drones will come in from.

Now, a lot of you are possibly still scratching your heads and trying to figure out what the problem is. So, let’s look at an example situation. Let’s presume that there’s a match on in a stadium. It’s packed to the rafters with fans, all cheering on their favourite teams and players. Then a drone flies above the field. However, halfway across, it runs out of battery or the signal is lost, and it stops working. Where is the drone going to go? We’ll give you a hint – nowhere good.

Alternatively, let’s picture that stadium again. The roar of the crowd, and the ferocious energy from the players as they desperately try to score goals. And then we see the drone flying over. But this time, it drops something into the stadium. It might be something relatively harmless, like a flyer or a leaflet. But what if it is something more sinister? How quickly could you evacuate the stadium if you had to? Is it a risk that you can afford to take?

But What Can Be Done?

By now, some of the more experienced readers among you might have established the link between the recent tragedies in the news and the potential aerial delivery of dangerous substances. It’s enough to make anyone stop and think, especially when we consider how big some stadiums are. You could mark the stadium with no drone signs, and hope that you’ll dissuade people that way. Some places have already invested in equipment which blocks the signal to the drone before it gets closer, and you can even get net guns to shoot down drones, so there is at least plenty that you can do.

Overall, drones and football stadiums are not a good mix! There’s plenty of potential for a drone to cause mayhem at a big game, so you need to make sure that you’re adequately prepared for their potential arrival. We all know that they’re a pain, and they seem to do nothing but cause issues, but when paired with anywhere that includes people and high altitudes, they become dangerous and safety risks. You need to make sure that people know they can’t fly drones here, and also that you’re prepared to deal with any drones which happen to come onto the property.

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