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Drones Advance In Tech – Insect Vision?

Drones are, as you can probably tell, a massive inconvenience and hindrance to the majority of the corporate and adult world. While they may seem like a cool way for people to take aerial shots and photos, you have to understand that this isn’t good news for those people who want to do something nefarious and immoral with them. Regardless of what people think about them, the drone industry continues to surge forwards, and drones advance. However, this may come to backfire, as they’ve come up with something which could be somewhat problematic.

Drones Advance: Insect Vision?

The new improvement to the drone itself may seem like a brave and insect-themed idea, but the truth is far from being sweet. The idea behind this particular modification is based on the vision of insects. They can make minute observations of the environment around tight spaces, by trying every possible entry point until they find the right one.

In essence, that’s what’s being done here with drones. The enhancement will have drones work by taking a series of photographs of the environment around the space, to assess the best possible entry point and how to get through without damage to the system.

Drones Advance: What Implications Does This Have?

There’s definitely potential for massive issues if you get drones being capable of going through a series of small gaps without any problems whatsoever. A world where drones can get into small space and get through holes in security systems or into open air vents is particularly troubling. Obviously, we don’t want to have to lock down all of the possible ways in and out of a building – it would cost far too much and be really challenging. But in a world where drones can fit through an open window or a vent, the need for security really does become even more prominent.

Drones Advance: The Solution

Thankfully, there is a solution for people to consider when it comes to keeping drones where they belong – far away from anything of importance. For example, the Dynopis system allows you to effectively jam the signal to any kind of drone when it crosses into your airspace. Alternatively, the Net Gun X1 will enable you to shoot down the drones that you encounter before they become a problem. It fires a net at close range, so you don’t have to worry about the different things that drones could get up to if they’re allowed to be let loose

All in all, the rise of the drone and its many different advancements isn’t good for the world. As business owners, we need to make sure that we are keeping our secrets and premises safe from drones because they’re rapidly becoming a problem. It’s less about dealing with them and more about the fact that they need to be prevented from coming anywhere near our offices, buildings and factories. By working together, we can help to prevent the rise of the drone and its establishment as a full-blown threat.

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