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World’s First Drone Operating Standard Unveiled

World’s First Drone Operating Standard Unveiled

Drones. Love them or hate them, they’re here to stay. We’ve often speculated how long it would be before a system and regulations were put into place to back up what we’re doing at Drone Defence to make sure that drones are not misused. Now it’s happening, and we’re going to be taking a look at what the future of our robotic friends is going to look like. 

Drone Operating: Standards Are Being Set

The new standards are being put into place to try and make sure that drones are used responsibly and safely by everyone. These rules are designed to try and make sure that there’s a clear set of practices in place that can be followed by all. After all, there have been many close calls in recent times involving drones in airspace, drones committing crimes, and other issues. 

Air safety is one of the core parts of the document due to the increasing number of near misses with commercial air traffic, with an emphasis on making sure that anyone flying a drone adheres to the same code of conduct. People need to appreciate things like basic flight etiquette, such as adhering to no-fly zones or getting the proper training and maintenance for their drones. Increasing the adoption of geofencing around critical infrastructure will also help enforce standards, but there will be ways around it for those that are determined enough.

Data protection is also a big part of the new regulations. Time after time, we’ve seen people who have had their personal details taken via drones, and it’s completely unacceptable. The new rules call for businesses and the general public to update their methods of data keeping, to protect personal information from the hands of convicts and criminals. 

Drone Operating: So What Does This Mean For Drone Defence?

Regardless of any agreed standards that are adopted in 2019, we will continue to develop and deliver the effective solutions we’ve always done. In fact, the proposed standards positively support the adoption of anti-drone technology to further aid the prevention of irresponsible or illegal UAV use.

Universal drone rules are essential things to consider when dealing in our industry, and we want to make sure that we keep providing the best possible levels of security to those companies who want it. 

The new standards should go a long way in helping the industry to accelerate adoption and, no matter what standards are adopted in 2019, there will always be those that seek to use the technology for nefarious purposes. However, our range of drone deterrent systems will still be available. If you’re wanting to understand how drones can be an issue and what can be done about it, we’ll be happy to provide some demonstrations and to go through with you how our equipment can be used. It’s vital that business and people feel safe from the potential threats, so we’ll always work to make sure you’re protected. 

All in all, the implementing and introduction of new standards which govern how we use drones is welcomed, and it should provide the framework for a world where they’re used responsibly. There’s nothing wrong with using a drone to get a good aerial photograph, so long as you’re not doing anything to infringe on the rights of others. That’s where it becomes a problem. We now wait until 2019, when the new standards will be implemented, to see how drones will be challenged and controlled. However, it’s good that people are now recognising the issues that can be caused and taking action to stop them. 

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