18 October 2023



Portable drone jamming offers a range of benefits, providing flexibility and adaptability in countering unauthorised drone activity. Some advantages of portable drone jamming include:


Rapid Deployment: Portable drone jamming devices can be quickly deployed to different locations, allowing for swift response to emerging threats. This is especially valuable in dynamic situations or during events where security needs may change.


Adaptability to various environments: Portable jammers can be used in diverse environments, from urban settings to remote areas. This adaptability is crucial for addressing different scenarios and ensuring comprehensive drone defence.


Event Security: Portable drone jamming is beneficial for securing temporary events, such as concerts, sports games, or political gatherings, where a fixed installation may not be practical or necessary.


Targeted Defence: Portable jammers allow for strategic placement based on specific threat areas. This targeted approach is effective in protecting critical assets, VIPs, or sensitive locations.


Resource Efficiency: In certain situations, a portable solution may be more cost-effective than establishing a permanent infrastructure for drone defence. This is particularly relevant for occasional or temporary security needs.


On-the-Move Defence: Portable jamming systems provide the flexibility to move with a security detail, providing continuous protection for assets or individuals while on the move.


Disaster and Emergency Situations: Portable drone jammers are valuable in emergency response scenarios, where the rapid deployment of counter-drone measures may be crucial to prevent interference with rescue and recovery operations.


Operational Secrecy: Portable jammers can be strategically placed to maintain operational secrecy, preventing potential adversaries from anticipating the location and capabilities of the counter-drone measures.


Scalable Solutions: Portable systems can be easily scaled up or down based on the level of threat or the size of the area that needs protection. This scalability enhances the cost-effectiveness of the overall counter-drone strategy.


Let’s take a closer look at our portable Drone Defence jamming/drone mitigation options:


Paladyne E1000MP

Paladyne E1000MP is a lightweight, robust and portable military drone jamming solution.

Versatile, effective and robust, the Paladyne E1000MP has been designed to offer multiple scenario protection in one complete package, providing a safe, portable system for stopping all commercial drones.

The device features a pistol which is mountable on rifles and weaponry.

No installation is required with the E1000MP, meaning you can secure your airspace at sea, at home and on the move.


Key technical information:

Continuous run time – 2 hours

IP Rating – IP66

DimensionsControl box – 280mm x 68mm x 150mm / Pistol – 359mm x 41mm x 157mm

Operating frequencies

1560 – 1660 MHz

2400 – 2500 MHz

5710 – 5880 MHz

Weight – 3kg control box / 500g pistol

Operational range – Up to 1km depending on conditions.

Paladyne E2000HH

Paladyne E2000HH is a lightweight, self-contained portable drone jamming unit.

When used by a trained operator, the E2000HH can force a commercial drone to return to home or land under control.

The E2000HH disrupts 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequencies, along with GPS, meaning the drone’s operator will not be able to control the drone or see the video transmission from its camera.

The E2000HH is straightforward and easy-to-use, with a cold start time of 0.5 seconds and operational range of up to 2km depending on conditions.


Key technical information:

Continuous run time – 2 hours

IP Rating – IP55

Dimensions – 300mm x 180mm x 100mm

Operating frequencies

1560 – 1630 MHz

2375 – 2515 MHz

5725 – 5875 MHz

Weight – 2.8kg

Operational range – Up to 2km depending on conditions.

Read the Paladyne E2000HH brochure here – https://www.dronedefence.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/20230915-E2000HH-Brochure.pdf

Jamming disclaimer

While portable drone jamming systems offer numerous advantages, it’s essential to carefully consider the specific requirements of each situation to determine the most appropriate counter-drone solution. Additionally, compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks governing drone jamming is crucial to ensure responsible and lawful use.

To find out more about any Drone Defence products or services, please get in touch info@dronedefence.co.uk

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