Marine Drone Defence

Drone Defence enters into partnership with Dynamiq superyacht builders

We are delighted to announce we have entered into a partnership with Dynamiq superyacht builders, meeting the counter-drone needs for buyers of next-generation yachts.

Unwanted drone incursions on superyachts are on the rise, and the tactics of deploying these drones are evolving too.

Our innovative drone countermeasures can now be integrated on Dynamiq’s fully customisable yachts, providing safety, security and privacy for superyacht owners and those on board.

Drone Defence countermeasures are now protect Dynamiq custom built yachts

Dynamiq was founded in 2014 by experienced yacht broker and designer Sergei Dobroserdov, who assembled a ‘dream team’ of world thinkers, engineers and naval architects to turn the next-generation superyacht concept into reality.

With superyachts designed in Monaco, engineered in the Netherlands and built in Italy, they are meeting the needs of intelligent buyers for next-generation yachts.

Paul Hughes, our Chief of Special Projects, says, “We are hugely excited to be entering into this partnership with Dynamiq superyacht builders.”

“Integrating our innovative counter drone solutions into Dynamiq’s fully customisable yachts will protect these vessels against the evolving and increasing risk of drones incursions.”

“Privacy, security and safety is paramount on board superyachts, and our solutions will ensure that any threat to these from drones is completely eliminated.”

You can find out more information about Dynamiq here.