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Drone Defence Newsletter Nov 2018

Read about the latest news and updates from The Drone Defence Newsletter. The Leading Provider of Drone Defence Technology. As a company we aim to Detect, Locate, Identify & Defeat. To do this we explore technologies that help protect Fixed, Mobile and Hybrid locations. The Drone Defence Newsletter will give a more detailed explanation into these locations and how our solutions such as the SkyFence™ will help protect you.  Here is a snippet from the newsletter discussing  the SkyFence™ solution :

SkyFence™ is an electronic countermeasures system which prevents drones from flying into or
close to a protected location by disrupting the drone’s command and navigation radio
transmissions; in any weather, day or night.
It can be configured horizontally or vertically depending on the operational requirements.
As a system it uses multiple low powered radio transmitters which are strategically placed
around the protected site – Prison; Airport; Office; Campus; Stadium; Arena. When activated,
they transmit a signal which is designed to overwhelm the drone’s radio transmissions. This
breaks the control and video link between the drone and its operator.
SkyFence™ is fully programmable and can be activated via a suite of sensors or human input.”

And then we discussed… AeroGuards™ whom can now protect events and facilities from
unwanted or illegal drones. Reports of rogue Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones being used
by snoopers, criminals and activists are on the increase. There has been a 10 fold increase in drone related incidents being reported to the Police since 2016. Drone Defence, have developed a service to help protect events and sensitive areas from unwanted drones.

Drone Defence’s™ AeroGuards™ are teams of counter drone specialists who have the training and equipment to protect up to 1km of airspace around a location, ensuring it remains drone free. The Drone Defenders are experts in detecting an identifying problem drones and they come equipped with the latest anti drone technology with the E1000MP and the Net Gun X1By using our AeroGuards, organisations do not bear the significant expense of purchasing advanced counter drone technology. At Drone Defence we are experts in counter drone solutions and ensure that we have the latest technology to mitigate the majority of commercial drone threats. We constantly train our operatives to ensure that they are fully abreast of the latest developments in the drone sector and what security implications that may have for our clients.

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