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Drone Defence counter-drone technology achieves approval by the UK Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI)

We are pleased to announce that Drone Defence have been awarded certification from the UK’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) for our counter-drone technology platforms, AeroSentry and AeroEye.

We are committed to enabling drone technology and demonstrating its potential, whilst supporting a sustainable future where drones change the way we view, interact with, and move around our world.

Our multi-sensor system helps to enable drone technology by increasing security for critical infrastructure, enhancing privacy for people and places, and by giving a comprehensive view of the skies to air traffic managers.

AeroSentry detects, tracks, and identifies drones by combining RF, radar, and optical sensors, and works hand in hand with AeroEye – a unique and class leading AI powered video analytics technology to accurately detect, track, and identify drones at ranges of over a kilometre.

AeroSentry and AeroEye systems have now achieved approval from the UK Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.

Both systems can be driven by Drone Defence’s ‘Solar Sentinel’ – the UK’s only solar powered, rapidly deployable drone detection system.

The Solar Sentinel is the UK’s only rapidly deployable drone detection system

Solar Sentinel is a fully mobile solution that can be deployed almost anywhere, giving full drone detection and video recording capabilities when they are needed most.

This CPNI drone detection standard is the official government validation of counter-drone technology. It enables organisations deemed to be of critical national importance – such as Drone Defence – to adopt drone detection technology with the assurance that it has been tested to the highest possible standard.

Richard Gill, Founder & CEO of Drone Defence, said, “We are delighted that our counter-drone platform has successfully met CPNI’s testing standards, and this certification provides assurances to our customers and partners that our British-built system fully meets their drone security needs.”

“Our portable Solar Sentinel system gives a unique rapid deployment capability, ensuring that no matter what the situation, our customers can feel reassured that we can provide drone detection of the highest quality at short notice in almost any UK location.”

The Solar Sentinel with AeroSentry and AeroEye gives full drone detection and video recording capabilities

“We are proud that our work here at Drone Defence has the potential to enable the future of drone technology. This certification ensures that we can continue to provide our customers and partners with best-in-class defences against drones.”

Find out more about AeroSentry, AeroEye and Solar Sentinel here.