Drone allegedly crashes into plane at Heathrow

Drone Defence with Dedrone can help prevent this.

San Francisco, April 19, 2016 – On Sunday (April 17th), a drone apparently hit a passenger plane for the first time. The British Airways flight with more than 130 people on board was heading for London Heathrow airport, when it was hit by an object – believed to be a drone. Fortunately, the aircraft was only slightly damaged and could be released for air traffic again shortly thereafter.

Below are some thoughts from Joerg Lamprecht, noted drone expert and co-founder of Dedrone, global leader of drone detection technology: “Pilots, airlines and airports all over the world have been alerted for quite some time, because consumer drones flown by hobbyists are getting dangerously close to airports with increasing frequency. The greatest danger is that the drones are sucked into the engines, which can have disastrous consequences, particularly during takeoff and landing. Airports should take urgent action.”

Lamprecht’s company Dedrone has developed the DroneTracker, a drone warning system that detects approaching drones early and triggers an alarm. “Air traffic control can then warn the pilot accordingly and redirect the plane or postpone takeoffs.”
Terrorists could use drones to deliberately cause planes to crash.

So far, most incidents with drones and planes are due to careless hobby pilots. But it is also quite conceivable that terrorists direct drones specifically into the flight paths of planes to intentionally induce crashes: “Planes take off and land in fixed corridors. The coordinates are published so that each pilot can access them. Terrorists could fly a bunch of drones in precisely these tracks”, said Lamprecht. “If the pilot is not warned in time, an emergency turn will be hardly possible.”

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