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Demonstration Days – Your Chance To See Drone Defence In Action

Demonstration Days: The popularity of drones is ever increasing as we continue to unlock new applications for their use. The flip side of that is the misuse of drones by certain groups and individuals. The modern drone defence industry is full of people claiming to be able to help protect you against drones using a number of methods from the bizarre to the highly complex. Their effectiveness can vary wildly, as can their health and safety implications through use. How do you navigate through to what is suitable for you, and works reliably every time?

We swear by the reliability and practicality of our products. Our success with customers only happens because we’re committed to providing the best products and the best possible levels of service. That’s why we encourage you to come to one of our demonstration days and see for yourself what we offer, and how well our technology works in the light of day.

What are Demonstration Days?

A DroneDefence Demonstration Day is designed to make sure that people are aware of all the capabilities and benefits which our drone defence solutions can offer. It’s a practical demonstration of the solutions which are provided, to help people to appreciate what is and what isn’t possible. Our team of experts are on hand to discuss the specific needs and requirements of any client, regardless of what they need from a defence system.

What’s Covered on Demonstration Days?

Demonstration days cover a lot of different things to give you the broadest understanding of who we are, what we do and how we can help.

We’ll talk to you about Drone Defence as a company, and what we do. This includes our understanding of the drone protection market, updates on drone countermeasure and detection technology, and an introduction to the current range of products.

From there, we move onto one of the most exciting parts of the entire day – the demonstration of our technology. We believe that we’ve got a lot to offer, and the way to prove Demonstration Days is to put it through its paces. We’ll show you the Drone Detection system, as well as talk about the rules surrounding this equipment. We’ll demonstrate the SkyFence, which is a highly demanded fixed system for use at prisons, stadiums and other locations. Our AeroDome is also on display, which is a bubble type countermeasure for strategic positions. We’ll also put the E1000, our mobile drone protection system through its paces in a number of setups which demonstrate the full flexibility of this market-leading system.

We employ a series of different attack formations with different drones so that people can see a selection of varying drone types and how our equipment counters them.

Demonstration Days: How Do I Take Part?

If you’re interested in coming to one of the demonstration days, you’re in luck. They’re all on Fridays and are on the 25th of January, the 29th of March and the 24th of May in 2019. This means that there’s hopefully a day which is going to work for you as a business.

We hope you do attend an event! They’re pretty fun to come and have a look at, and you’ll hopefully learn something about drone defence and what you can do to prevent drones from interfering with your business. If this strikes you as something worth looking into, then please feel free to attend a demonstration by following the link.


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