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Drone Defence awarded ‘Leading Innovator in Counter-Drone Defence Technology 2022’

Drone Defence Services Ltd (“Drone Defence” or the “Company”) are pleased to announce they have won the Leading Innovator in Counter-Drone Defence Technology 2022 award, in this year’s Aviation and Aerospace Awards.

Their nomination and subsequent win in this category are very much appreciated – thank you!

Richard Gill, Drone Defence CEO and founder said; “This is a great achievement for us and demonstrates the hard work we are putting in, whilst contributing towards innovation and technological developments within the drone industry.”

When used safely, drones are an excellent resource. Providing additional eyes from above and with added benefits of thermal imaging etc. drones are often an extremely useful and insightful tool.

However, drones can sometimes breach boundaries and cause nuisance, property violation, trespass or privacy infringement. Drone Defence are eager to alleviate these issues.

He continues; “As a company, we’re passionate about change. We are continuously developing new products and solutions, whilst factoring in current security challenges and the industry as a whole.”

Committed to promoting and facilitating the safe use of drones in authorised airspaces, their products and technology solutions have been designed to suit a wide variety of situations and environments.

Thank you once again, for recognising Drone Defence as a ‘leading innovator’ within our field!

Take a look at AeroTracker, our integrated airspace monitoring system –

Notes to Editors:

Drone Defence are drone advocates and believe that drone technology is going to change the way humanity views, interacts with and will eventually move around the planet.  However, the Company has recognised the risks posed by illegal drone use and have develop a range of field-tested products and services to combat the emerging problem. 

Drone Defence are based in Retford in the UK and have developed multi-award-winning proprietary products to safely mitigate drone related security risks.  The Company enjoys international reach and has numerous installations protecting critical infrastructure, VIPs, prisons, and super yachts.

Drone Defence was founded in 2016 by Richard Gill, a former British Army Officer, qualified commercial drone operator, record breaker and award-winning drone entrepreneur.

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