Dangerous Drones

Drone Security Solutions

Drones in the wrong hands can be dangerous. The threat is increasing as paparazzi, criminals, terrorists and activists seek new ways to invade individuals’ privacy or to cause harm. For many nefarious users the drone is the perfect device. They can be far away from the crime scene, guide it using its on-board camera, capture images or carry small payloads.

At Drone Defence we recognise this threat and are here to help. We offer the complete counter drone security solution. From drone detection to training and the very latest drone jamming and drone interdiction devices.

The Drone Defence Net Gun is the perfect device to stop the drone that has flown over all of your other defences. It is ideal for prison officers to stop drug drones and close protection operatives to protect their clients’ privacy.

The Dynopis E1000MP is a man portable jamming device that stops most drones in their tracks. Using its directional antenna it ensures that your systems are not affected by the jamming. Once the drone is captured by the E1000MP it either returns to its launch point or hovers in the air. This allows time for security teams to respond.

Drone Defence offers the complete anti drone security service. We can also help with testing, verification and exercises. Our Drone Defence Teams can help you create No Drone Zones to protect VIPs, events, football matches and prisons. If you have a drone problem or want to know more about Drone Defence’s services then visit our website at www.dronedefence.co.uk , email info@dronedefence.co.uk or call +44 (0) 843 289 2805

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